A Reinvention of Bridal Fashion

0c33d130-6c22-43bd-ba5e-104b70de7b18As traditional as wearing white on your wedding day can seem, the wedding dresses of today are anything but. Couture designers, Stephen Yearick and Ysa Makino are reinventing what it means to look like a bride, creating dresses that feel familiar, yet original at the same time. Not only do these gowns provide an exceptional visual experience, they are of exemplary quality. Embellishments such as Swarovski crystals and beaded sheath are just some of what make these dresses truly sensational. Whether you’re looking for a fit and flare, a-line, or ball gown, these timeless silhouettes are finished with intricate details, and ultimately leave the bride feeling like her, and her dress, are one of a kind.

On your wedding day, it’s important that you and your gown stand out. Lisa Gocklin, manager of Bijou Bridal in Paramus, New Jersey explained, “Generally, if you’re in your mid to late twenties, you and your friends are going to be getting married at the same. You don’t want to all look the same.” Straying from tradition, brides are no longer limiting themselves by only requesting pure white gowns. Gocklin added, “Colors like champagne, blush, and ivory tend to look better on people as opposed to pure white.” Available in an array of different hues, designers Yearick and Makino also provide fully customizable gowns, allowing brides to mix and match bodices and skirts to fit their unique style and comfort levels. Additional features like cap sleeves and illusion necklines are special touches that give a sense of individuality to each dress.

295b9089-4464-4db9-af0f-2fe4cd9347b0Designer Stephen Yearick takes an evening wear approach when it comes to his bridal collection. Glamourous, body hugging silhouettes and plunging necklines are adorned with his signature beadwork, adding the right amount of sophistication and shine. Decadent fabric choices like diamond encrusted lace give a sexy yet modern feel, resulting in an effortlessly elegant look. Yearick’s over-the-top gowns stand as the true centerpiece at any wedding, making sure the bride, and her dress, are at the forefront.

The epitome of both style and femininity, Ysa Makino gowns play with volume and texture by incorporating details such as feathers and floral appliques and using techniques such as sculptural folding and draping. Flowing, full silk satin skirts and ornamented corsets offer a romantic and lavish style, accented by delicately embellished half sleeves and sheer backs. Added touches like gold accents and blush underlays offer a flirty and whimsical take on the traditional wedding gown. Makino dresses can be considered works of art, unapologetically leaving a lasting impression on any bride.

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