A Way Forward With PXG Apparel

Spring is here! The sun is shining, the weather is cooperating (more or less), and scores of golf aficionados are polishing their clubs in preparation to hit their favorite golf courses once again – and enjoy sunny afternoons of socially distant leisure. Enter Parsons Xtreme Golf (or PXG for short), one of the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturing companies, with their brand new Spring Summer 2021 sports apparel collection. 

The Arizona-based company gained a global following since it was founded in 2014 by noted businessman, philanthropist, and self-described “golf nut”, Bob Parsons. But while PXG has become renowned for their high-quality custom golfing equipment and accessories, particularly their golf clubs,  their line of sports fashion apparel has also been steadily gaining attention among professional athletes and fans of the game alike.

It’s easy to see why. Headed by Renee Parsons, PXG Apparel puts as much thought and effort into their designs as PXG as a whole puts into their fairways and irons. Founded on the premise of unlimited time and resources dedicated to research and development, PXG Apparel’s offerings are always designed with both the wearer’s style and performance in mind. In other words, it isn’t enough for the wearer to look fashionable: PXG Apparel seeks to marry function with fashion, to guarantee that wearers can move seamlessly from one activity to another throughout the day while looking their best doing so.

In this, the SS2021 collection is no different. PXG Apparel’s newest collection features 80 new pieces boasting knitting techniques such as jacquard and intarsia, and performance features like UPF protection, ergonomic seams, and snap plaquettes. From elevated loungewear to performance driven jackets, to perfectly tailored pants, classic trim polos, and comfortable sweaters, each piece was meticulously designed to guarantee expert fit and maximum comfort and performance

That said, there are certain ways in which PXG Apparel’s newest collection breaks with the line’s guiding mold.  Consider, for example,  the new PXG logo tapping detail specifically designed to elevate and add a little bit of an edge to the brand’s most classic pieces. Another notable evolution is this collection’s expanded color palette. Beyond the traditional black-and-white, monochrome color scheme that has become so closely associated with PXG’s brand, SS21 also features pieces in “Paratrooper Blue”, a custom color created exclusively for this collection and inspired by Arizona’s blue skies.  

Moreover, PXG has also taken initial steps to incorporate sustainable materials into its sports apparel. Their clothes are already known for being high-quality, comfortable, practical, and fashionable. Now, PXG Apparel’s SS21 collection also incorporates sustainable, recycled yarn originated from discarded nylon carpets, fishing nets, and other landfill-bound products to create pieces that are light, breathable and eco-friendly, while maintaining the brand’s commitment to sports performance. 

Of course,  all of this change does not happen out of nowhere. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary changes, and the past year and a half have tested everyone’s strength and pushed everyone to their limit. However, they have also revealed hidden wells of strength and resilience in our communities – and is that resilience that served as the driving inspiration for PXG’s newest SS2021 apparel collection.

“I have witnessed incredible adaptability from our communities as we have had to adjust to a new normal,” said Renee Parsons. And that adaptability and resilience are reflected, in its own way, in PXG Apparel’s newest designs, in their soft, technical fabrics, and in the pieces that were made to provide both style and comfort to their wearer, both in and out of the golf course.