Aisha RTW: Merging Feng Shui with Fashion

We often ponder over how our clothes make us look, but rarely consider how they make us feel. I don’t mean whether or not something is ill-fitting, but the actual effect that clothes can have on our mood. The use of color and the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) can help us determine an array of things about ourselves, such as the best home decor options and the optimal prints and silhouettes to incorporate into our wardrobe. Although Feng Shui is commonly associated with rearranging your living room, womenswear brand Aisha RTW (ready-to-wear) has adopted this methodology into their designs — as personal style lends itself to both shape and color.

aisha rtwTaking the name of its founder, Aisha translates to mean “alive and well” in Arabic. Created as a reflection of its designers distinct aesthetic, the fashion brand celebrates the beauty of life and of a life well-dressed. Designed for women, by women, Aisha RTW makes clothes for the modern, cosmopolitan client who needs an outfit that not only looks good, but feels even better. By adopting a Feng Shui style of approach, Aisha RTW allows its wearers to embrace a sense of balance best pct cycle to keep gains through each items unique color, cut, lining and overall design. This inspired perspective, the designer hopes, evokes serenity and epitomizes a timeless and effortlessly chic style.

As a fashion industry veteran, the brands founder Aisha Thompson began her foray into design at a young age. Enticed by runway models and womenswear magazines, the idea of turning an initial clothing concept into a finished wearable garment drew her to dreaming about one day becoming a designer herself. To hone her skill, Thompson took to the world’s most sought after fashion schools including FIT in New York and later taking a postgraduate course at Italy’s Istituto Marangoni and receiving her masters in Luxury Business Management from Polimoda International Institute. From there, she set out to work at the design room at Rachel Roy NY and interned for the late British designer and couturier, Alexander McQueen.

Upon this journey Thompson witnessed patterns being created, silhouettes being formed, embroidery techniques and the development of a collection from conception all the way to production. These experiences, along with her training and professional portfolio including Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier, helped shape her vision for her now namesake luxury brand, Aisha RTW.  

Often drawn to the tranquil energy and life source within the sea, Aisha RTW bases their designs in nature, art and architecture. By combining fine Italian fabrics with organic materials to create their dresses, capes, coats, bags and scarves, Aisha RTW reaches a level of harmony that merges simplicity with elegance. For their 2018 collection, they set out to celebrate accomplished women from all over the globe who share “a lust for a vibrant and fulfilling life.”

By helping women achieve this level of confidence in their everyday dress, Aisha RTW serves female leaders around the world who aren’t afraid to show off their femininity through pieces that are bold, imaginative and have longevity. This identity that Aisha RTW has created allows wearers a chance at self-expression through a Feng Shui-inspired mix of styles, colors and textures.