An Oasis Of Floating Fun: AquaBanas

AquaBanas is “redefining water entertainment” with their luxurious and innovative inflatable platforms. Using a modular design, AquaBanas can be used as a single unit or connected together to form a larger system and platform. Backrests, cooler cutouts, tables, and tent connections are only the beginning of the amenities and possibilities that come with AquaBanas products. Suitable for all ages, easy to climb onto, and totally customizable, AquaBanas are breaking boundaries when it comes to water activities.

If you have ever dreamed of having a floating oasis right on your property, AquaBanas has a plethora of products that will turn your dreams to reality. AquaBanas’ extensive collection of platforms range from Land Banas to floating Banas and are all built to the highest standards of inflatable technology and can support over 1,800 pounds. Designed by Mark Anastasia, a veteran in the inflatable industry, AquaBanas takes an entirely new approach to recreational floating fun. Anchor rings, a Gator Mouth flap, and Stainless Steel Quick Link connectors create the opportunity to build a larger system out of your existing Bana.

The AquaBanas collection features yacht slides, loungers, jet ski docks, tents, and even pools that can be set up on the water. If you begin your Bana journey with either the Party Bana or the Picnic Bana, all other Aquabanas products can be attached to create the ultimate personalized system. Custom Bana systems are available, as well as resort packages to create a full floating retreat. Each product has non-slip surfaces and the top and bottom material are formed to one piece to ensure your device is durable and reliable. AquaBanas systems can be used and enjoyed in any type of water; rivers, lakes, saltwater, fresh water, bays, and even on sandbars. 

The Party Bana is the most popular system due to the multitude of connection possibilities and the simplicity of its management. Able to fit up to 10 adults, the system has a 48-inch round table surrounded by a stable bench that can seat 8 adults. The Party Bana typically serves as a foundation due to its design and ability to attach other platforms and create a larger system. Tents, loungers and jet ski docks are some of the most popular additions to create a Bana Combo system. The Party Bana has an easy 25 minute set-up process from start to finish. The products are packaged in boxes that come with the pumps and hoses needed for set-up, as well as a set of instructions so you can open it up and get right to the fun. 

The Picnic Bana is AquaBanas largest device with an 86-inch table and enough room for up to 14 adults. This unit is perfect for yacht owners and waterfront properties. The Bana Pools introduce an innovative concept to the AquaBanas line. Mark Anastasia, CEO of AquaBanas, explained a unique situation where a family located on the Chesapeake Bay wanted to further enjoy their time on the water, but the Chesapeake Bay is mucky and not ideal for swimming. Mark Anastasia’s team created a custom and clean freshwater pool for them to float in the bay without having to encounter the muck. The 88-inch deep pool was created with 14 hidden weights around it to keep it in place. 

The Pop Out Pool system is slightly different with its 3-piece set-up designed for easy storage and assembly. These systems can hold up to 45 people and are great for settling in different locations or being attached to a yacht. AquaBanas systems fit seamlessly with the design of boats and yachts, attaching easily to the stern and then slowly dragged through the water with passengers aboard. 

The line of Land Banas includes everything from beach bars and couches to massage tables and loungers. The Land Banas are perfect for special events and can be used as furniture on sand and grass. A new addition is being introduced to the AquaBanas family soon–a Social Bana that is able to fit in pools, easy to manage while being taken out on a boat, and is even spacious enough to practice social distancing. 

If AquaBanas products are taken care of properly, they can be used for about 3 to 5 years. Each product is designed to be kept in the water for months at a time but due to the welded construction of the inflatables, they should be rinsed off every couple of weeks. If the system is being kept in sea water, it should be cleaned more frequently to prevent damage and dirt caused by barnacles or algae. Storing an AquaBanas system is fairly quick and easy. The deflation of the product takes about 45 minutes since the air doesn’t leave the inflatable as quickly as it went in. The storage box is 46 inches long, 30 inches wide and 14 inches tall, making it easy to re-package and lean up against a wall for storage. AquaBanas products can be shipped right to your home, free of charge, and their staff is reliable and available to help with any questions before and after the product has been delivered. 

Whether you love indulging in the sun and want to veer away from traditional water entertainment, or you have a special event that you want to add some excitement to, AquaBanas has a solution for every taste, occasion and party size. AquaBanas introduces a whole new perspective on water activities and their products transform your experience in a unique, safe, fun and dependable way. An entire world of water amusement and relaxation is waiting for you.

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