Art Galleries in NJ: More than Decor

Art Galleries in NJ: More than Decor

We tend to think of art as being reserved for galleries, but taking the art home with you completely transforms any space. Here are some of the finest art galleries in NJ, boasting world-renowned artists and businesses dedicated to making your design dreams become reality.

Kelly McKenna Gallery- Spring Lake, NJ

Kelly McKenna Gallery located in Spring Lake, NJ, is passionate about providing customers with full-service fine art advisory, after years of experience in New York City galleries. They are highly knowledgeable in all areas of fine art, as well as both emerging and established artists all over the globe, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to predict value. Having artwork and exhibits from highly recognized names such as the famous French modernist painter Édouard Manet, and newer up-and-coming artist Jean-Baptiste Bernadet in their collection makes this one of the perfect art galleries in NJ for both veteran and brand-new collectors. 

J. Nunez Gallery- Millburn and Summit, NJ

J. Nunez Gallery is the ultimate showcase of talent in NJ. Located in Millburn, NJ, the contemporary art gallery features original, high-quality abstract paintings suited for various tastes. The opening of a second location in Summit, NJ, has allowed them to feature an even broader range of art styles as well as photography. Because paintings are not replicated once sold, you’re always guaranteed to leave with something never-before-seen. Founder Jesús Núñez’s vision when opening J. Nunez Gallery was to shine a spotlight on local artists, especially women, who would inspire through their exceptional work. Noticing a disparity in the representation of women in art, he wanted to do what he could to close this gender gap. Núñez’s background in street art and culinary arts, his cuisine being dubbed “edible art,” is evident in all his work and the work of the artists he features. At J. Nunez Gallery, art curation services and custom art commissions are offered with a team dedicated to helping you find the perfect piece. The true artistry and representation showcased in J. Nunez Gallery have made it one of the most unique art galleries in NJ in just less than two years.

Convey Art Gallery- Ridgewood, NJ

Convey Art Gallery started off doing pop-ups in 2021 and has recently found its brick-and-mortar home in the business district of Ridgewood, NJ. The space has a variety of art, ranging from contemporary to street art, abstract, and both limited edition and original artwork pieces. The owners of the gallery, Kate and her husband Dan aspire to use this space to make art accessible and get it in front of people as much as they can. They facilitate large group shows, as well as work closely with customers throughout all steps of the art purchasing process. They are extremely passionate about the importance of art in bettering communities and have started a program to provide a venue for young emerging artists. Kate and Dan have lived and worked in the art world of both London and New York City, and have tons of experience under their belt to ensure a great experience in their gallery. 

Princeton Makes- Princeton, NJ

Princeton Makes is a unique art gallery in Princeton, NJ, because much of the artwork is actually made in-house, and customers can come to interact directly with the artist. Their dedicated staff is comprised of 28 local artists, 11 of which who work in the studio up to 7 days a week and are eager to assist customers with their art purchasing needs. They are unique in how interactive the experience is, where while shopping customers can see all processes and techniques behind the art production. Princeton Makes offers a wide range of artwork including painting, drawing, stained glass, sculptures, textiles, and even jewelry. The gallery has a ton of fun events for people of all ages to come into the gallery to learn more about all different types of art. With so many different artists from all different backgrounds, you will be sure to find the perfect gift or addition to your home at one of the most unique art galleries in NJ.

Parlor Gallery- Asbury Park, NJ

Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, a town with a buzzing art scene, has a specific vision for New Jersey’s art community and features work from both emerging and established artists. They open their gallery to the public to provide exhibits that are not commonly found outside of major cities, with the goal of making art more accessible and creating a space where young artists can exhibit their work. They have pop-up events as well as participate in highly recognized art fairs such as SCOPE Miami and NYC. Directed and curated by artists, Parlor Gallery has 10-12 exhibits a year with a ton of dynamic pieces for sale offering a variety of prints and paintings. They have collaborated with Madison Marquette, a real estate developer, to create the Wooden Walls Public Art Project, where 27 world-renowned artists are collaborating to display their art on the Asbury Park Boardwalk and promote their work. 

Barsky Gallery- Hoboken & Westfield, NJ

With locations in both Hoboken and Westfield NJ, Barsky Gallery has facilitated both first-time and experienced art collectors and designers to discover artists worldwide. Those looking to add the perfect addition to their interior space are welcome to privately explore the gallery, filled with carefully selected and diverse works of art. The gallery offers complimentary one-on-one consultations, provides professional advice to ensure the customer is satisfied with their purchase and helps with the installation process. Much of their artwork consists of abstract pieces from a stacked portfolio of local artists, providing wonderful art to those looking for pieces from art galleries in NJ. 


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