Gubi: Deluxe Design Transcends Traditional

Stunning in its physical appeal, and emotionally evoking in its functionality, GUBI seamlessly blends luxury design with the enduring stories that mold their timeless furniture. Founded in 1967, the family-owned business was nurtured by its creative director Jacob Gubi who expanded the company’s presence within the retail sector and onto a global market. Cultivating relationships with esteemed designers while offering a handpicked collection of high-quality furniture, GUBI presents a visionary selection that is sold and valued worldwide. GUBI’s two stores located in the heart of Copenhagen are curated with an atypical and vibrant ambiance that gives clients a glimpse into the GUBI collection. The signature and deluxe pieces that satisfy GUBI’s diverse aesthetic transform traditional interior design, embellishing the character of any space.

Seine Collection by Space Copenhagen

Inspired by the behavior of light in moving water, Space Copenhagen has reinterpreted the form in a contemporary context, creating a collection of three lamps that weaves vintage references into a distinctly modernist and understated design, evoking the shimmer and motion of a gently flowing river. The Seine Collection comprises a dimmable table lamp, ceiling lamp, and pendant, each one comprising a glass dome affixed by four metal arms to a base hand-finished in antique brass – a signature of Space Copenhagen’s designs for GUBI. The light bulb is housed in a spherical frosted-glass diffuser that consolidates the lamp’s light, creating a soft, textured glow that is further enriched as it plays with the pattern on the surface of the outer shade.

Timberline Lamp by Mads Caprani

A playfully curving, swan-necked floor lamp that both captures the Scandinavian design language of the 1970s and also transcends it, becoming one of those rare pieces that can slip effortlessly into any space, of any style. The Timberline lamp takes its name from Caprani’s fascination with the tree line – nature’s inherent limit on the altitude at which trees can grow, the point of transition on the landscape between wood and rock. In the lamp, he translated the notion of a natural boundary into an abrupt material juxtaposition between wood and iron. The family story goes that the distinctive form of the lamp came from Caprani doodling question marks at his desk as he tried to come up with a new light design, then having a flash of inspiration – a lightbulb moment – and realizing that the shape of the question mark might be the answer he was looking for.


Private Dining Tables by Space Copenhagen

Large in scale but lightweight in appearance, the dining tables share the same inspiration as the rest of the Private Collection: the beauty, balance, and simplicity found in antique Japanese furniture. The tables embody Space Copenhagen’s modern-day response to the traditional craft techniques used in Japanese joinery, which are visually translated into signature design details. The Private Dining Table is constructed from four wooden elements: two tapered legs are attached to the veneered tabletop via a solid-wood crossbeam, which is held in place by strong metal fixings. The result is a stable and sturdy table with robustness that is belied by the delicacy and refinement of its appearance.

Semi Pendant

GUBI relaunches the Semi Pendant with a trio of organic, earthy shades that bring the colors of nature into the home. Autumnal earth tones reflect the comforting flavors of the fall: roasted pumpkin, fennel seed, and dark cocoa. By offering the Semi Pendant family in this selection of playfully retro colors, GUBI has expanded the range of interior schemes that the Semi can complement. The existing palette of metallics and monochromes make the pendant ideal for clean-lined, minimalist spaces. Now, with the addition of warm, grounding tones rooted in seasonal spices and the natural world, Bonderup and Thorup’s timeless design is equally at home in warmer, cozier, and more rustic spaces.

Turbo Pendant

GUBI produces Weisdorf ’s Turbo Pendant in two sizes – large and small – in both alabaster white and semi-matte white. A perennial favorite of both modern homes and public spaces, the Turbo is the perfect example of Weisdorf ’s affinity for geometric forms and his attraction to repeating elements that characterize much of his work. In GUBI’s new finish, Weisdorf ’s classic is granted a newfound softness and depth.



GUBI relaunches the Semi Pendant with a GUBI’s launch of new colors for the Gräshoppa Collection coincides with a renewed global appreciation for 1970s aesthetics, characterized by earthy, natural shades, as well as shiny, gleaming surfaces. The three new finishes capture both the love of nature and the inclination towards high-gloss textures that defined the decade.