Asbury Ocean Club: Refreshing Atmospheres and Dining

Asbury Park has become one of Central Jersey’s most popular tourist destinations for many reasons: whether you’re relaxing by the ocean, strolling down the boardwalk, or surveying the shops and restaurants, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do. If you want to elevate the East Coast experience and experience fine dining in a tranquil, cozy atmosphere, the Asbury Ocean Club has your needs covered. VUE Magazine experienced refreshment in more ways than one by stopping by the Asbury Ocean Club to enjoy a brief beach getaway and sample culinary delicacies prepared by the Executive Chef Kate Gagliardi.

Asbury Ocean Club Drawing Room- Photo Credit Nikolas Koenig

Kate Gagliardi’s proximity to the Central Jersey area, specifically Asbury Park, means her education and skills have lent themselves to providing crowd-pleasing breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Guests can choose from a variety of seating in the intimate drawing room that has Mid-Century modern decor with comfy jewel-toned chairs and a double faced fireplace. The room also features floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking a tranquil garden and pool area. 

Asbury Ocean Club’s dining experience is an elevated and rewarding one for chefs and consumers alike, as Gagliardi is assigned to serve dishes such as ribeye steak, drizzled with a house steak sauce and paired with smashed fingerling potatoes and roasted rainbow carrots. This was actually one of the main dishes served at our dinner venture to Asbury Ocean Club, melding perfectly with our appetizers, other main courses, and dessert.     

Burnt Casear

Our testing ventures began with cabbage spring rolls that exploded with complex flavors and a burnt Caesar salad, with garlic crostini replacing ordinary croutons. The main courses, which included lamb ribs, French Onion ravioli, fluke, and the ribeye, were savory and decadent in their own ways. The seafood was paired with crab stuffing, smoked gooseberry, and piquillo pepper, the meat had hints of fruits and vegetables such as pomegranate and carrots either as sides or infused into the meal itself, and the ravioli was paired with consommé to give it an exotic, elevated flavor.

After such a hearty meal, all that was left was the dessert; Gagliardi dressed up a classic brownie by adding peanut butter mousse and vanilla gelato for a rich dessert juxtaposed with sweet and savory flavors. The dessert was the perfect way to conclude our experience with Asbury Ocean Club and sums up their overall policy: giving customers the best possible experience, whether that is with dining, amenities, or wellness services, with a hardworking staff and unique twists on beloved classics.

We at VUE Magazine have to thank Executive Chef Kate Gagliardi and everyone at the Asbury Ocean Club for giving us a night of luxury at the Jersey Shore.