Asbury Park Distilling Co. Shifts Focus to Hand Sanitizer

As quarantines trudge on and stores continue to run low on the most basic cleaning supplies, Asbury Park Distilling Co. shifts focus to hand sanitizer, aiming to make a difference for their patrons, employees and the community at large.

Rob Wile, an Asbury Park Distilling Co. partner, looked to develop personal-sized bottles of hand sanitizer by taking advantage of the processes the company typically uses for vodka, gin and whiskey.

“It all really began because of the great need,” Wile said. “We recognized that need and knew we had a human responsibility to step in and help. We had the base raw product on hand, Ethanol. It was just a matter of sourcing the Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerol and we were off. “

Fire and Police departments, as well as EMS workers and hospitals throughout the Garden State have already benefited from the first batch of sanitizer produced by the Asbury Park distillery.

“It was really a great unknown,” Wile said. “But now that we have seen how it’s unfolding, we couldn’t be happier to be a key business in the fight against this terrible virus. “

The Coronavirus has caused over 22 million Americans to lose their employment, but sanitizer keeps Wile and his crew busy. The revenue from the distillery’s tasting room sales and the sanitizer has kept employees working.

Despite the focus on sanitizer, Wile says the distillery has found a healthy balance between its existing products and its newest draw.

“The sanitizer has become a priority just due to the state of the world,” Wile explained. “The reality is the alcohol business is soaring during this time, so there continues to be a demand for our spirits.”

After adjusting to new FDA guidelines, the company looked to expand production and produce a new, larger batch of hand sanitizer. This new batch is prioritized for first responders, medical staff and those most at risk, Wile said.

The new batch will also allow the company to recoup the initial capital outlay of their first distributions and keep the employees moving forward. 

Despite the sanitizer’s success, Asbury Park Distilling Co. will not carry the product as a permanent fit in its rotation as the Federal Government has only granted distilleries the ability to create sanitizer during this time of need, Wile explained.

When faced with an unruly situation, Asbury Park Distilling Co. recognized the opportunity to help its community, being “more than happy to jump right in and do so,” Wile said. “Supporting our local and regional community, we really saw no other choice in the matter. But, ultimately we want this over quickly to save lives and get back to the joy of socializing with each other….hopefully in our tasting room!”