Aston Martin: Vanquish Volante

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s another auto review. Well, here’s one from a different point of vue. Although I will get into the basics such as torque, tech, and comfort, you won’t be reading about safety features or child proof windows. That’s because this review is about one of the baddest cars I’ve ever had the privilege of driving, the 2016 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. Let’s face it, when you buy a luxury sports car you want for it to deliver a certain “high,” a rush of emotion and adrenaline, one that cannot be duplicated by driving your wife’s minivan.

Thanks to our friends over at Aston Martin in Summit, NJ, I had the opportunity to borrow the Vanquish for the weekend. When I was handed the key, which seemed like something used to start a private jet, I already felt a sense of entitlement. Starting up the Vanquish for the first time gave me a sort of internal grin. The sound of the engine had my immediate attention and it was as if I had just set foot into a Fast and Furious sequel. Before putting it into gear, I took a minute to acknowledge the beautiful craftsmanship of the vehicle’s interior, with striking features such as two-tone leather wrapped seats, a sporty console, and of course, the pronounced steering wheel, the vehicle’s centerpiece. It was obvious the car had been handcrafted and not built on an assembly line. Once the initial awe passed, it was time to put the Vanquish into drive.

Before I get into the obvious topics like power and handling, let me quickly explain the feeling I had driving the Vanquish on the open road. When you drive this car you immediately leave everything behind. It was like driving for the first time all over again. Remember that feeling of excitement you had when you turned 17 and couldn’t wait to drive your friends around? Driving the Vanquish put the fun back in driving, not to mention the responses from others on the road, who turned, stopped and stared, just to get a good look. But forget all that, because we all know that new car smell fades sooner or later. The Vanquish was surprisingly smooth and drove like a true luxury vehicle. As far as the meat and potatoes, how about that V12 engine, 568 HP and a sweet 0-60 in 3.6 seconds. Now that’s something that smells new forever.

We have the opportunity to drive a lot of cars and I have to say, the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante will certainly remain one of the most memorable. The car has elegance, versatility, and muscle all packed together which is difficult to find with a car of its class. Overall, I would recommend the Vanquish as a secondary car for those looking to add a bit more excitement to their daily commute. The Aston Martin Vanquish Volante is available at Aston Martin in Summit, NJ. Please see Allan Greenfield, Sales Manager for a test drive.

Allan Greenfield – Aston Martin Sales Manager
326 Morris Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901