Aura Frames | One Frame, Unlimited Photos

I remember when I was much younger, I had a little Kodak camera, taking all these random, yet memorable photos and having to head towards the nearest CVS to print them out. Years flash by and next thing you know, these memorable, Kodak-captured photos became tattered and faded. However, as time passes, technology advances simultaneously and when it came to providing the authentic experience of assembling multiple photos in a single fixture, Aura Frames stepped up to the challenge.

By simply downloading the Aura Frames app onto your smartphone, you can upload all those beautiful, memorable photos to the digital picture frame, skipping the tedious process of printing them out and framing each one. With WiFi connection and a standard power outlet, your digital frame surpasses the original picture frame by seamlessly displaying the numerous stacks of photos stored on your phone like a slideshow.

Aura Frames has designed these frames to integrate seamlessly into your space, without coming off as looking too electronic or seeming unfit for the home decor. The Modern Collection, consisting of the Slate and Stardust colored frames, looks great in any interior. Comprised of a large 9.7″ screen and a crystal-clear 2048×1536 pixel resolution, the frame exhibits your photos in the vivid resolution at a reasonable size. Having the option to place it horizontally or vertically, the frame has an overall size of 10” x 8.25” x 1.5” which underscores its versatility and resourcefulness to be displayed like a portrait or a landscape.

Since appearing on Oprah’s Favorite Things this past holiday season, Aura Frames released a new premium wood frame titled “Walnut.” Crafted by hand from four solid panels of walnut , their latest frame  denotes authenticity and offers that outdoorsy, natural warmth of real wood. Aura Frame’s appearance on the list can be seen on Oprah’s website

The enhanced technology and nifty sensors are intricate to the digital frame’s efficiency, providing a futuristic experience you could not get with an ordinary picture frame. The frame carries an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the display brightness, saving you from getting up and figuring out why your photos look too bright or not bright enough. Additionally, the product also has a presence sensor that helps you pick a reasonable photo at a reasonable time. But, most excitingly, the picture frame has an interactive gesture control which enables you to “like” a photo or swipe through your photos at the wave of your hand.


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