Dr. Scheller: Finding Relief Through Holistic Medicine

Dr. Scheller hopes the Graf Center serves as a resource for patients of Englewood Health, and the wider community, to tackle their stress after enduring this dumpster fire of a year. A global pandemic, six months of unemployment and the complete decimation of my social life—these were the conditions necessary for me to finally download…

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Don’t Fear Your Doctors

Doctors are opening their doors to non-COVID patients, but can we get over our fear of medical spaces? I’ve been thinking recently about the well-known phrase: justice too long delayed is justice denied. This legal maxim refers to the need within our criminal justice system to bring swift redress to victims—and if you fail to…

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Reimagining the Engagement Ring with Ring Concierge

Having an important spring event canceled by the coronavirus is basically a rite of passage these days. Birthdays, weddings, vacations—you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t been forced to cancel one of these highly anticipated events and reap the financial consequences. But there is one special moment many people are refusing to let fall…

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American Masterpiece: The Stone Mansion

It comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that Alpine, New Jersey—a town that regularly ranks among the wealthiest in America and is home to countless CEOs, celebrities and pro athletes—boasts some of the most jaw-dropping properties in the Northeast. But even in a town where the average home lists for over $3 million,…

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Zallinger: High Altitude Hospitality


Tucked on the Seiser Alm plateau alongside the Italian Dolomites and roughly a mile and a half in the sky lies the newly-reinvigorated Zallinger refuge—a luxurious, log cabin-inspired escape that supplies all the hallmarks of an idyllic, mountain vacation. The Zallinger was originally constructed in the mid-19th century, after Bolzano-native Karl von Zallinger-Stillendorf purchased the…

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Return to Form


—How bad posture while using devices may be causing you chronic pain. There’s an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that follows Kim Kardashian as she investigates a mysterious pain in her wrist. The pain is so sudden and severe, that when she lifts her phone to text or take a selfie, her wrist…

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