Matters of the Heart with Englewood Health

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—Englewood Health’s chief of cardiology, Dr. Samuel Suede, dispels 10 common misconceptions about heart health. Long before our modern understanding of cardiac health, the heart was considered to be the nucleus of emotion, intelligence and personality. As the decades have passed and our scientific understanding of the heart has evolved, physicians have become more adept…

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Ancient Ruins Around the World


Visiting the ruin of a fallen, destroyed or abandoned city is perhaps the closest we can get (as of now) to traveling back in time. What might it have been like to live in an ancient, Mayan city? Walking the streets of Tikal, Guatemala may not provide the full picture, but with a little imagination…

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Acupuncture for Pain Management


When Carleen Implicito’s doctor told her that she had stress-related palpitations, she struggled to understand how or why this was happening to her. “But I don’t have any stress,” the young woman told her doctor upon hearing the news. Looking back now, she recognizes just how much stress she was unconsciously under during that time.…

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Meet #IRL This Summer

Summer is here and we all know what that means. The 2018 cuffing season has officially come to a close and relationships that once looked solid (“But Ashley, you just posted a picture of you guys apple picking two months ago.”) have dissolved faster than soft serve on the boardwalk. Now what? We can spend…

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sbe: The 360 Lifestyle Approach


In 2002, Iranian-American businessman Sam Nazarian spotted an unmet demand in the hospitality market. The following year, Nazarian opened his first nightclub in Los Angeles, California and founded sbe, the first lifestyle hospitality brand to effectively integrate culinary, hotels, residences and entertainment properties into one thorough 360-degree seamless experience.  Michele Caniato, Chief Brand Officer for…

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