That’s A Wrap: Automotive Specialty Wraps keeps your car looking brand new.

Automotive Specialty Wraps has been delivering superb quality vinyl wraps, paint protection, ceramic coating, and detailed window tinting to the surrounding North Jersey area for years.

Kyle Swenson, co-founder of Automotive Specialty Wraps, opened the shop after finding his creativity somewhat stifled at his previous place of employment. Taking his skills and work partner along, he opened his own shop and never looked back.

“We’ve completed wraps for all different types of cars,” Swenson explained. Although the shop frequently works with high-end vehicles such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, they also wrap medium-priced cars such as Civics. Wrapping one’s car means completely or partially covering your vehicle’s original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different color, or sometimes the same color with a different finish such as a gloss, matte, or clear protective layer.

More people have come around to the idea of wrapping their cars over the past few years, Swenson explained. The decision between spending nearly 10 grand to fully and professionally repaint a car compared to only a few thousand to wrap a car is a “no brainer.” Wrapping cars is as much of an aesthetic decision as it is a matter of necessity, Swenson explained. All it takes is for one salt truck to spray the side of your vehicle, and you’re in need of a fix.

“We’ve seen cars come in absolutely mangled,” Swenson said. “The final result always makes the vehicle look brand new.” Automotive Specialty Wraps take pride in their paint protection film as well, as it’s the “most comprehensive form of defense you can establish between your car and all that can damage your car’s appearance,” their site says. Application of the paint protects your vehicle from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris, as well as prevention from oxidation with exposure to the sun.

When light scratches are inflicted in the film, it absorbs the damage and returns to the texture and properties it had before the incident, he explained. Swenson and his team also offer exceptionally thick ceramic coatings for extreme durability, resulting in a strong chemical resistance that can withstand intense UV & heat protection. Automotive Speciality Wraps offers a more complex approach than the average shop, combining Si02, Si3N4 (Silicon Nitride), and SiC (Silicon Carbide) for their coatings.

The shop also offers distinct car detailing and paint correction as well, utilizing a variety of proven products to give you the best possible results, Swenson says. When it comes to exterior details, the shop offers everything from basic hand washes to full paint corrections. For interior details, basic cleans all the way to steam cleans and coating your interior are provided. Automotive paint is fragile and should be maintained properly, according to

Swenson, and his shop prides themselves on correcting swirl marks, scratches, water spots, bird dropping stains and even salt. When it comes to window tinting, Automotive Speciality Wraps excels as well with premium carbon technology, utilizing the SunTek CXP Series and the Carbon Series. The shop recommends the CXP Series’ non-metal, nano-hybrid carbon technology for the enhanced performance demands of luxury vehicles, Swenson explained.

All tint’s abilities last the test of time, as its non-reflective, rich black and backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, which includes protection against fading. Both films block 99 percent of harmful UV rays.

Swenson set out to create his own business to detail, wrap, and restore vehicles out of a passion and appreciation for the vehicles themselves. “We definitely go the extra mile compared to other shops,” he said. “I think the extra attention to detail is what stands us apart.”