Avant-Garde Aesthetic

By Helen Castillo

I was raised in a household of artists. My mother and father met in the ‘80s in New York City doing silkscreen for an advertising company and both come from Fine Arts backgrounds. After relocating to Weehawken, my parents’ first apartment had a walk-in closet that also doubled as an art studio. And while I’ve always experimented with illustration and painting, I feel a strong connection to putting a hand to paper, and more recently, fabric.

Avant-GardeFor my latest project, I commissioned local Brooklyn artist Eric Yevak to create a one-of-a-kind painted fabric that was able to lend itself to interpretation. Something that represented the versatility of art and was also desirable. Yevak and I layered multiple colors and patterns over one another, creating a juxtaposition of hard and soft elements which complimented the Avant-Garde look I was inspired to create. I wanted to push the absolute boundaries and design a look that from every angle had three qualities: texture, dimension and surprise. Resulting in a form-fitting, scarlet plaid gown contrasted with voluminous black tulle, cropped sleeves and carefully placed star detailing.

Art does not require an explanation, but with fashion, and most often as a designer, I have to consider the trends, customer appeal and silhouette. The beauty of a fashion meets art piece is that there are no rules. To love or to hate a work of art is the entire basis of the presentation; to instill an emotional response.

Photographer: Melinda DiMauro
Model: Sarah B. from Fenton Moon
Makeup: Julian Lazaro
Hair: Victoria Vazquez
Stylist: Shay Dixon