Barley Creek Brewing Company: Eat. Brew. Enjoy.

The Pocono Mountains are renowned for captivating tourists with forested peaks and steep slopes, all while granting unique entertainment experiences that are worth paying a visit to. A place that pairs an on-site distillery alongside comfort cuisine and carefully crafted spirits surpasses the traditional brewery excursion, and the Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville, PA, has mastered the foundations of such innovative hospitality. Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains with a rooted passion for customer service and lively entertainment, the Barley Creek Brewing Company warmly welcomes guests to eat, brew, and more importantly, enjoy.

Success often transpires from a story of hustle; Proud owner of the Barley Creek Brewing Company, Trip Ruvane, details his personal success story derived from a hustle to fulfill his early entrepreneurial aspirations. Ruvane attributes his early work experience within the realm of hospitality to his present professional pursuits. His adolescent years as a ski instructor, golf caddie, and guest coordinator of activities at local resorts translate to his curation of a brand dedicated to servicing exceptional guest experiences. It wasn’t until his college years that Ruvane was truly inspired to earn the rewarding title of a self-made business owner after serving as the House Steward for his fraternity. Satisfying the demands of both culinary and beverage supply for a large organization fueled Ruvane’s interest in delving headfirst into the hospitality industry. Despite the years of maturing a skill set durable enough to sustain the demands of owning a business, Ruvane still accredits his most important inspiration to his wife Eileen. Eileen Ruvane is the Co-Founder of Barely Creek and plays an integral role in operating the business while radiating an uplifting work culture. The two partners blend their love for one another and their brand to exponentially grow and provide unmatched services at Barley Creek.

Operating since 1995 in its original, harvested barn-frame exterior, the Barley Creek Brewing Company prides itself on the beers and spirits that they brew on-site. The secret disclosed by Ruvane behind crafting unique beer and spirits is a revitalized water source. Barley Creek houses 700 artesian wells on their property fueling 70 gallons per minute, locally sourced by a Pocono Mountain spring water lake. The beer brewing equipment is powered by fermentation vessels that allow for the production of ales and lagers. The on-site distillery comprises specialty 50-gallon equipment from Kentucky with numerous fermentation vessels to infuse Barley Creek beverages with an exclusive taste. All of these facets collectively drive the smooth-sailing operation of the Barley Creek Brewing Company and the production of their award-winning ales and specialty beverages. With these original amenities, Barley Creek produces over 40 different ales and lagers in a given year, craft specialty vodkas, whiskeys, rums, brandy, gins, flavored moonshines, agave (tequila), and canned cocktails. Barley Creek advantages the collaboration with external retail and wholesale operations in the hospitality industry giving leverage to its brand reputation. Guests can enjoy Barley Creek beer and spirits at various resorts and restaurants in the Pocono Mountains. While the selection of alcoholic beverages spans far beyond the ordinary, their menu of handheld appetizers, soups, salads, burgers, and sandwiches pairs exceptionally well with any drink. A true brewery experience would not suffice on an empty stomach, so indulge in cuisine that elevates your time at Barley Creek.

The Barley Creek Brewing Company seeks to redefine the traditional functionality of a brewery. Aside from the beer and spirits brewed on-site, they host lively activities in their Pint Size Park outdoor Biergarten offering games galore. They coordinate free outdoor movie nights and invite guests on catered trips to sporting events. Per the changes in season, Barely Creek alters its aesthetic and amplifies seasonal decorations; this month guests are encouraged to visit their Haunted Brewery to fully immerse themselves in the October spirit and fall festivities. All of these additives are driven by the passion of Barley Creek Brewing Company’s mission to deliver entertainment through authentic and unique experiences. If you enjoy the scenic outdoors and the opportunity to indulge in fulfilling food and drinks, you will be pleased you found the Barley Creek Brewing Company. 

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