BDI: The Finest Functionality

For over 35 years, BDI has been creating innovative furniture collections that are both practically functional and aesthetically pleasing. A design-based philosophy is part of the company’s DNA, which ensures beautiful, high-quality products time and again. BDI’s CEO and Design Director, Bill Becker, founded the company on the principle of making customers’ lives easier and their day-to-day activities more efficient through design. 

Using an intelligent approach to design, BDI pieces are engineered to make your spaces more streamlined and organized so you can focus on the tasks at hand. User-friendly features are standard throughout BDI’s collections. Their dedication to making beautifully functional designs that are accessible to all has set them apart in the industry.

BDI is most well-known for its product quality and attractive designs, along with the integration of innovative features that take modern technology into account. Before designing any piece, BDI considers the role that design will have in enhancing the user’s daily life. This ensures the final design is as functional as it is attractive. Along those lines, BDI was the first to introduce unique features like hidden wheels and levelers, removable back panels, a soundbar shelf, and integrated wire management to make the setup of any home theater system a breeze.  

One of BDI’s top-selling and award-winning designs—Corridor—started as a media collection and later grew to include office furniture and more. A popular design from the collection is the Corridor Bar, which BDI was generous enough to send over to the team at VUE for review. With its sophisticated mid-century modern design and abundance of storage, this versatile piece is ideal for those creating a space perfect for entertaining. Offered in three finishes—Charcoal Stained Ash, Chocolate Stained Walnut and Natural Walnut—the Corridor Bar also features a satin-etched glass top which offers a beautiful and resilient surface. The doors of the bar fully open on 180° hinges to reveal everything that a fully stocked bar needs, offering a bevy of storage options within a beautiful, efficient design. End-of-day libations have never been easier! 

Beyond entertainment spaces, BDI also carries its philosophy for beautifully functional design to the office category. The company’s office furniture collections incorporate organization and storage features in an innovative and artful way, delivering a balance between function and design.

The Sequel 20 collection is BDI’s most popular line of office furnishings. An impeccably designed collection, Sequel 20 includes a line of height-adjustable standing desks, allowing you to effortlessly switch from standing to sitting with just the touch of a button. When testing out BDI’s Sequel Lift Desk for ourselves, we were blown away by the design quality, versatile settings and overall experience of using the standing desk. Incredibly easy to assemble, the desk is perfect for anyone who aches after sitting at their desk all day long.  Its design is flexible for a variety of styles and can easily fit into any office setting.

Behind every BDI piece is a talented team that incorporates studied design principles along with innovative features and processes to create a collection that is truly unique. Associate Design Director, Matthew Weatherly uses influences from Danish modernism and soft minimalism to carry through the clean, modern aesthetic that is a trademark of the company. By perfecting this philosophy, working with talented engineers and designers, and using high quality materials, BDI Furniture has become a top recognized and respected brand in the product categories that they offer. 

Rooted in this success is BDI’s dedication to innovative design. With a goal of simplifying customers’ lives, each design is thoughtfully engineered for ease of use and packaged in a minimalist yet beautiful way. Whether you are looking to organize your entertainment spaces or refresh your home office, BDI has designs to fit all tastes and lifestyles.

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