Beach Bag Essentials for this Summer

Summer is finally here and beaches have slowly been opening back up to the public! It is the prime-time to getaway to enjoy the sun and absorb some Vitamin D, relax with friends, and have a moment to forget all of life’s worries. (While also following social distancing guidelines, of course). To complete your sunny days at the beach, here are the VUE’s beach bag essentials for this summer featuring some of our favorite products: 


1. Beach Tote


You can’t complete your beach bag without having the bag itself. The ideal beach bag should be large and sturdy enough to fit all of your essentials while still having that summer style. 

This tote from Eric Javitz, the Squishee® Mita II, is a hand made bag using sustainable and recyclable plastic to give it that straw woven look but also allowing it to be waterproof and durable. It comes with numerous compartments allowing more room for all your products and is available in three different colors. 


2. Waterproof Speaker 


The day would not be the same without your favorite music playing in the background while laying out on the beach. Music can set the mood for anything—whether you want a nice chill vibe or have your own personal concert on the beach!

The Ultimate Ears Megaboom Speaker is one of the lightest portable speakers with the most high-quality sound. It can connect directly to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with Bluetooth. This waterproof speaker is perfect for summer days at the beach, the pool, or other water activities you may have planned. 



3. Sunscreen


Although this season is all about soaking up the sun, it is extremely important to keep your skin protected while doing so.

The Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF 30 is the 2-in-1 sunscreen and moisturizer that will provide the sun protection you need while also nourishing your skin. A few key ingredients include green tea and hyaluronic acid which are both known to reduce oiliness, maintaining moisture, and protecting the skin. This lightweight formula is perfect for all skin types. 


4. Beach Towel 


To be fully relaxed, you also have to be extremely comfortable especially if you’re going to be laying on the beach all day. It’s important to find the right towel that will get the job done. 

This Seashells Beach Towel from Matouk is hand-woven in Portugal and is made of 100 percent cotton featuring a seashell pattern available in three colors. This towel’s extremely soft fabric is sure to have you feeling at home. 

5. Sunglasses


The sun has its perks, but you won’t be able to fully enjoy it if you can’t see anything. Finding the right pair of sunglasses to not only help you see but also protect your eyes from the sun is key. 

Designer Eyes is best known for its selection of prescription sunglasses showcasing individual designers and brand names. 

For regular sunglasses, Bergdorf Goodman offers an array of stylish eyewear. These Rimless Square Metal Sunglasses are just one of the many frames they offer ranging from cat-eye, aviators, square metal, and much more. 


6. Portable Charger


It’s better to be safe than sorry with a portable charger just in case your electronics run out of battery during those long beach days. 

ZeroLemon’s Tough Juice’s External Battery Charger contains up to 10 charges without having to charge for weeks at a time. It has five USB ports allowing multiple devices to be charged at once. You will never find yourself stuck with a dead phone ever again. 


7. Insulated Water Bottle 


Hot days in the summer can leave you feeling constantly dehydrated. Keeping a reusable thermos on hand will not only keep you feeling hydrated, but will also keep your drink cold for a refreshing sip every time. 

The Larq Bottle is its own water purification system cleaning itself and the water inside. Incorporated in the bottle is a powerful UV-C LED technology which is a light that activates every two hours to kill any harmful bacteria that may be in the water. It is also environmentally friendly saving the average consumer about $1000 annually from buying water bottles. 


8. A Good Book 


Nothing ties a beach day together than wrapping it up with a good book. 

Certain books can have you leaving the beach feeling motivated and inspired, which is exactly what Malcolm Gladwell in his book— Outliers: The Story of Success. This book dives into the world’s most successful billionaires and CEO’s discovering what they did differently in their individual journeys that led them to success. 


Although there may be social distancing restrictions, these beach bag essentials are sure to make your sunny days at the beach a lot brighter!

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