Father’s Day Luxury Gift Ideas: Finding the Perfect Present

Graduations are postponed, schools have moved to online learning, and beaches are temporarily closed, which makes the regular hallmarks of summer easy to overlook. However, one annual event that can’t be forgotten is Father’s Day (June 21st, for anybody wondering!), even though the circumstances are extraordinary this year. If you can’t spend time with your father in person, or you feel like you’ve scoured every website trying to find the perfect gift, look no further- we have Father’s Day luxury gift ideas that will make your father feel like a king!


1. Rachael Ray cookware (Click image to purchase, if desired)

After all the culinary traditions your family has shared, it’s likely that your cookware is bearing the brunt of time, whether that’s through rust or impossible-to-scrub stains. This Rachael Ray cookware set has 10 staple pieces: two saucepans, a stockpot, a saute pan, and two skillets, along with their respective coverings. You can use this cookware to whip up your father’s favorite meal for the holiday as a surprise, before unveiling this sleek set of cookware!

2. Popcorn maker (Click image to purchase, if desired)

The brand name “Nostalgia” has never been more appropriate in this case. Maybe special memories with your father were made by the help of the silver screen: at a drive-in movie, a regular movie theater, or in the comfort of your own home. Your father can bring a (healthier) version of the theater’s buttery popcorn to his own house, for a movie night anytime. 

3. Gourmet BBQ picnic basket (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Father’s Day falls around the perfect time for picnics with loved ones, but this picnic basket accommodates for socially distant gatherings! Complete with three barbecuing tools and four sets of flatware, ceramic plates, and wine glasses, as well as a cooler, this picnic basket is rustic, durable, and equipped for anything. 

4. Whiskey decanter set, with custom engraving (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Transform your father’s favorite drink set into something that is personalized just for him! This decanter set is made of crystal, but you have the option to make it more precious by doing different forms of engraving: signatures, logos, text, and monograms or initials. This is a beautiful gift for your father that will hold treasured memories, as well as some classic whiskey!


1. The Pure Collection Organic Beard Oil (Click image to purchase, if desired)

If you’re looking for true Father’s Day luxury gift ideas, Father’s Day would not be complete without the mention of facial hair maintenance- with one of the rarest essential oils in the world! While quarantine has seen the growth of virtual connections, it has also seen the growth of facial hair, as more people are sporting impressive beards. However, like most other bodily hair, beards need to be nourished, and this beard oil accomplishes exactly that. 

This beard oil guarantees both the nourishment and growth of your father’s beard, while even eliminating dandruff! What sets this beard oil apart from others is its incorporation of the essential oil Oud, which is incredibly rare and precious, harvested from Agarwood trees. Whether your father wants to maintain his quarantine-inspired beard or give his face a little TLC, this beard oil will have him looking and smelling his best!

2. Ultimate Shaving Kit Set (Click image to purchase, if desired)

If a beard, and the subsequent beard oil, might not suit your father’s tastes, this shaving kit will remove the evidence- in style! The kit boasts pre and post-shave oil, a shaving bowl, a double edged safety razor with blades, and organic shaving soap. The real charm, though, comes in the ornate display of the kit: with a vintage style, golden clasps, and a lustrous finish, this gift will leave your father feeling pampered, even through the simple act of shaving.


1. Echo Show with Alexa (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Whether your father is tech-savvy or just learning how to navigate his iPhone, the Echo device makes it simple to manage even the busiest of schedules. The Echo allows for virtual calls to be made to other Echo devices or devices equipped with an Alexa, as well as an abundance of visual and auditory entertainment. It’s also customizable, meaning you can program it beforehand to show your favorite memories with your father, or he can return the favor and gradually build up a virtual scrapbook. No matter the need, the Echo goes above and beyond to ensure your father will be taken care of.

2. Fitbit (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Few other gifts show that you care about your father’s health like a Fitbit! Some of its many benefits include step and distance tracking, as well as the amount of time spent active. However, the Fitbit’s influence goes beyond just accounting for movement; it can help you track how long and well you sleep. It also helps anyone reach their goal of living a healthier lifestyle, however that may be quantified. If your father works out regularly, or is beginning his journey of living healthier, this Fitbit will help him stay on track.

3. Kindle Oasis (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Kill two birds with one stone by giving your father a Kindle Oasis: reduce the amount of extraneous books cluttering your home, and give your father virtual access to millions of books, newspapers, and audiobooks! Whatever your father’s favorite genre is, the Kindle Oasis is sure to have the appropriate books or audiobooks in stock. The Kindle Oasis is also customizable in terms of its screen, text size, and font, which will make reading a personal and intimate experience!

4. Eggtronic’s Power Bar (Click image to purchase, if desired)

When you are trying to keep up with the latest technology, it can be overwhelming to juggle so many different devices, let alone all their different charging ports and charging necessities. This Power Bar is a wireless power bank that can charge up to four Apple devices at the same time: an iPhone, AirPods, an Apple Watch, and a MacBook. No matter what Apple product your father may have, this guarantees that he can charge it quickly, without any hassle.  


1. Adidas shoes (Click image to purchase, if desired)

These shoes are a must-have, as they can withstand tracks, the trails, or tennis courts, whatever your father’s fitness regimen may be. Available in a variety of different colors like blazing scarlet, classic gray, and midnight black, as well as a wide range of sizes, you are sure to find a style your father will love flaunting on his feet as he works out!

2. Coalatree Trailhead shorts (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Coalatree’s eco-friendly clothing is designed for any kind of adventure. The Trailhead shorts are comfortable, stretchy in all four directions, versatile, and even antimicrobial, which means they keep you cool anywhere you go. Whether your father plans to spend the summer relaxing by the pool or rapid river rafting, these shorts will literally keep him covered in both style and function.

3. Michael Kors watch (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Nothing says true Father’s Day luxury gift ideas without the incorporation of a brand-name, Michael Kors watch! This sleek, stainless-steel watch is sure to catch everyone’s attention as soon as your father walks in the room. It is a stylish accessory with subtle hints of rose gold detailing, and the color choices pair well with any outfit. Your father will have both an elegant and convenient timepiece, that is also a constant reminder of your devotion to him!


1. Stealth Core Trainer (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Your dad can get his body summer ready while also having fun with Stealth! Stealth is a breakthrough fitness system that’s makes your workouts a game, one plank at a time. All you have to do is slip your phone into the slot, choose one of its addictively fun games, and start building a stronger core and leaner physique as you twist, turn, pivot, and hold steady to reach the high score. Its ease is sure to be enjoyable for anybody trying to get in shape!

2. The Plane Cloud from Fluidstance (Click image to purchase, if desired)

Fluidstance understands the physical and mental drain that can occur after sitting all day, whether that’s in the office or on the couch. With this sustainably manufactured, foam-topped board, your dad can soothe stiff joints and burn calories just through the simple act of standing on one of these boards. Give your father the gift of comfort, accessible exercise, and the satisfaction of of working out, all in one environmentally friendly package!


1. Teema Towels: The Seasons Blanket (Click image to purchase, if desired)

These blankets are as warm and comforting as your father’s hugs, making them the perfect sentimental luxury Father’s Day gift! Teema Towels’ products are light and versatile- the blanket can even double as a yoga mat! Choose from an array of rich, beautiful colors, and give your father something he cannot go without.

2. Sun Mountain golf pushcart (Click image to purchase, if desired)

This pushcart from Sun Mountain is the perfect gift for those fathers who are frequently out on the green! This pushcart is easily foldable with an attached mesh basket and drink holder, and it is also lightweight and easy to push. If your father is an avid golfer, he will be sure to consider this an “ace” gift!

At VUE Magazine, we hope these Father’s Day luxury gift ideas were helpful for everyone who wants to properly spoil their father. These gifts have the capability to be both meaningful and modern, allowing for unlimited uses, and maybe even a permanent spot in the house! If all else fails, VUE Magazine has plenty of previous gift guides, ensuring you will find the perfect present for your parent!