Behind the Brand: Vessel Bags

Vessel Bags is a custom bag brand known for their functional yet elegant designs. The brand was created about six years ago when a demand for custom golf bags was first noticed. They decided to create an online company with a customization tool so that customers could make from as little as one, up to thousands of bags with just the click of a button.

As the popularity of Vessel Bags began to rise, they started to branch out and create a lifestyle line in hopes to reach a larger audience. Vessel began making not only backpacks and golf bags but briefcases for working professionals and duffle bags for travelers and adventure seekers. 

Vessel uses technical innovation and craftsmanship to ensure every bag is perfect, down to the last detail––offering the owner a lifetime of luxury. Crafted with microfiber synthetic, Vessel Bags are crafted with the best materials on the market. “The luxurious part of Vessel Bags is the material that we use, the material is designed to look luxurious and sleek wherever you’re using it whether you’re on the golf course, traveling to work, at the airport, or just running errands,” Stephanie Beyer, Vessel’s Marketing Manager, said.

A Vessel Bag is no doubt eye-catching with its sleek and trendy design, but a closer look at the bag will show its everyday functionality. Their backpacks are designed strategically with functional pockets for your laptop, phone and keys. While their golf bags are created with a removable pocket (incase a sponsor changes). “With every pocket we have gone into detail as to why we created it and why it was placed where it is,” Beyer added. 

Inspiring the world with vision, creativity and style, Vessel even offers specialty customization of their bags, allowing customers to create bags that are unique and special to them. “We have three different sections, primary, secondary and accent, where you can choose what color you would like your bag to be, a specific logo you would like on it or something like your initials and name,” explained Beyer. 

In addition, Vessel is reliant upon charitable contributions to carry out their mission in making a difference in the world. With every bag purchased, the company gives a school backpack to a child in need with their Buy a Bag, Give a Bag campaign. Since “Buy a Bag, Give a Bag” was implemented, Vessel customers have helped provide 26,773 school backpacks for children in need. “You’re not only buying a bag, you’re buying a vessel of hope.”