Best Sushi in NJ: 5 Restaurants on a Roll

Best Sushi in NJ

New Jersey being located so close to the Atlantic Ocean, makes it one of the best spots for sushi in the entire country. Here is a guide to the trendiest and best sushi in NJ, providing the freshest of fish and the most creative menus sure to please your palette and sushi cravings. 

Shumi Omakase– Ridgewood & Leonia, NJ

Shumi Japanese Cuisine renders world-class Omakase-style sushi in Leonia and Ridgewood, NJ, where a chef-selected tasting menu of seasonal sushi and sashimi is offered. Executive Chef David Seo has 21 years of Japanese cuisine under his culinary belt and has worked with some of New York’s finest Japanese restaurants including Nobu. The restaurant offers a fresh and open atmosphere where sushi lovers and newcomers alike experience sushi in a traditional sense, with all five senses enticed. The Omakase bar provides an intimate experience where you can watch the sushi being prepared along with explanations from the chef. If Omakase is not your thing, there are a ton of other delectable menu items to try such as a variety of ramen, teriyaki entrees, and a plethora of unique sushi rolls including the Shumi Roll- consisting of spicy tuna, topped with caramelized spicy mayo, eel sauce, sushi ebi, scallion, and furikake crunch. 

Elite Five Sushi & Grill– Princeton, NJ

Elite Five Sushi & Grill located in Princeton is a BYOB establishment that prides itself on the freshness of its fish, ramen, and a fine selection of grilled meats and seafood with some of the best sushi in NJ. Starting on March 15th, the restaurant will begin to offer limited weekly seating for Omakase Tasting via reservation only. Elite Five is not your typical sushi spot, as they offer more modern fare such as scallop bisque as an appetizer, salad entrees, plates of steak, lamb, duck, and more, along with typical sushi spot menu items like creative rolls and sashimi. There really is something for everyone, seafood lovers and carnivores alike. One eye-catching signature sushi roll is the Ice & Fire Roll- yellowtail tartare, avocado wrapped with pepper tuna, topped with jalapeno, grated fresh wasabi, and white sturgeon caviar, served with yuzu lime sauce. The atmosphere is dimly lit, with an intimate nighttime vibe, but is also just as enjoyable during the day, and can sit at the sushi bar and watch the chef prepare sushi right in front of your eyes. 


Taka– Asbury Park, NJ

Taka is a restaurant, bar, and lounge located in Asbury Park, specializing in Japanese and seasonally-inspired small plates and cocktails. They have an extensive alcohol list with varieties of sake, wine, draft beers, and unique cocktails such as the Yuzu Drop- made with Vodka, Triple Sec, and Yuzu Puree. Taka has more of an upscale vibe and reinforces the quality of every single dish and level of service. Owner Takahiro Hirai is passionate about serving delicious contemporary Japanese food and providing a wonderful dining experience, whether it be a late-night lounge or family dinner. Taka is sure to deliver a cool ambiance and is only a short walk from the Asbury Park beach. Some interesting menu items include a burger with a Japanese twist including umami ketchup and Japanese mayo, and a New York strip with a miso butter glaze. For sushi lovers, there is an abundance of fresh sushi on the menu, with sashimi of all kinds and interesting rolls guaranteed to please the palette.

Kenko Sushi– Lincoln Park, NJ

If you are someone who enjoys unique sushi and looking for some of the best sushi in NJ, then look no further. Kenko Sushi in Lincoln Park specializes in tons of creative sushi rolls enticing to the eye, layered with all different sauces, crunchy toppings, and fresh fish. They offer family-size platters loaded with their creative rolls, one of the most popular being the Kenko special roll- with a base of spicy tuna, topped with assorted sashimi, scallion, sesame seed, and spicy mayo. They also specialize in assorted drinks including bubble tea, a variety of iced teas, and their very own “Kenko-Ade”, and you can create your own drink of choice. The environment of the restaurant is very cozy, and the service makes you feel like family. Plus, you’ll be sure to leave with an Instagram-worthy picture of this very trendy sushi. 

Ryujin Sushi– Bridgewater Township, NJ

Ryujin Sushi of Bridgewater Township boasts some of the trendiest and best sushi in NJ. Known for its modern twist on classic rolls, the freshest quality of fish, and the finest service, customers cannot say enough good things about this newer sushi spot. A chef-tasting menu is available as well as a ton of creative sushi rolls and appetizers- be sure to try the sashimi pizza or the Bridgewater roll which has crunchy spicy tuna, and tempura lobster, topped with avocado. Customers rave that the atmosphere of the restaurant is terrific, and the service provided is top-notch, making it a great spot to spend time with family or friends.

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