Buick’s Regal Avenir Showcased at Saratoga Spring’s Adelphi Hotel

In the 19th century, Saratoga Springs gained fame among the American elite for its European-style spring that attracted thousands of travelers in search of health and wellness. The mineral water’s restorative properties brought the famous, the rich and the cultured, all in search of the aptly dubbed “Fountain of Youth.” In 1863, Saratoga opened its first horse racing venue, changing the trajectory of the upper New York resort town. Since then, the town has catered to a wide array of guests, whether horse-racing enthusiasts, bathhouse visitors, or explorers of the nearby Adirondack Mountains.

Recently, VUE magazine witnessed a modern version of the Saratoga trip thanks to a recent partnership between The Adelphi Hotel and Buick. Drivers took out the brand new 2018 Enclave Avenir and 2018 LaCrosse Avenir vehicles for a spin, driving them from the greater New York City area to upstate. Once there, they revealed the newest addition to the Avenir sub-brand line, the 2019 Regal Avenir, before returning home. Without question, the new Buick shines as one of the superior choices for the lifestyle of boaters, commuters and long-distance travelers.

The Buick Regal Avenir

The Buick Regal Avenir Drive 2018 in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Not long after the Saratoga Springs began earning its esteemed reputation across the Northeast, Buick began its legacy of automotive assembly in 1903. Creative, timeless and elite, the Buick quickly attracted recognition because it offered far more than the “from A to B” styles of other competitors. Ever since, Buick has continued reaffirming its legacy, with the 2019 Regal Avenir being no exception.

The Regal Avenir utilizes state of the art technology coupled with delicate design and touch. With a nine-speed automatic transmission, its 250-horsepower, 2-liter engine offers 260 lb-ft. of torque. The Avenir trim sets it apart from other Regal models, offering diamond quilt-stitched seats, a clean exterior and 3D mesh grille inspired by high-end concept models. It’s also the first Buick with Evonik lighting, rear camera mirror and ionizer. Seating up to seven people, it offers the speed and performance of other sedans that also allow for family adventures—like say for a weekend to Saratoga. Put simply, the Regal Avenir fits perfectly into an upstate lifestyle, whether for a permanent stay or just for a quick visit.

Buick Teams Up with Hacker-craft Boats

Buick Enclave Avenir and Hackercraft Boat

Once the cars arrived, they were shown off at the city’s oldest surviving hotel, The Adelphi. Teaming up with Hacker-Craft Boats from Silver Bay, New York, the showing highlighted the potential of lakeside living in Saratoga Springs. Hacker-Craft’s signature wooden vessels change up the cookie cutter style of today’s plastic looking ships. With crisp finishes, these boats stand out for their craftsmanship and aesthetic. Their design also makes them easy to transport, which is why they teamed up with Buick and showed the towing capability of their Enclave Avenir SUV. Once on the water, their performance remains second to none.

Hackercraft Boat on Lake

The Showing at the Adelphi Hotel

Of course, the event itself offered even more to its guests thanks to the outstanding venue. With 140 years of history, the Adelphi’s Victorian architecture, hand-selected antiques and leather furnishings speak to the cherished bygones of a time focused on luxury, rejuvenation, and relished relaxation. After a long hiatus from Saratoga’s hospitality industry, the hotel reopened in 2017 after a $24 million renovation.

Buick Regal Avenir Showing

While keeping its atmosphere decidedly regal, the hotel has modernized to better suit the discerning traveler of today. Updates include radiant, heated flooring, rainfall showers and Jacuzzis. Not to worry—the free-standing clawfoot tubs, the plush couches and the leather buttoned chairs still recall the early Saratoga sophistication.

Those who’d like to see both Saratoga and The Adelphi Hotel at its best can book a premier experience on the Grand Terrace. By booking the Owner’s Box, a guest can overlook the town’s main thoroughfare in a 2,100 square foot, two-bedroom Presidential Suite that actually combines the hotel’s two other famous penthouse locations—the Whitney’s and Travers suites. The Owner’s Box includes access to a 400 square foot Library where guests can entertain and live large in a manner unique even to a luxury township like Saratoga.

Adelphi Hotel Buick

Eating at the Adelphi Hotel

The Adelphi caters to a variety of tastes, offering quite a few dining options. The Wine and Beer Garden carries a full sashimi and sushi bar with choices like Kobe maki and colorful dragon rolls. Morrisey’s, meanwhile, puts a classy spin on some American classics. With a wide range of food including flatbread pizza, lobster rolls and local New York cheese boards, the pub/restaurant offers a bit of everything. The Blue Hen returns to Adelphi’s historic pedigree with a Victorian focus and artisanal fine-dining options. Serving food throughout the day, The Blue Hen serves up three types of eggs benedict, has a raw seafood bar, serves lamb, duck, and filet mignon, while also offering lavender-flavored ice cream. Salt and Char, the hotel’s steakhouse, brings exceptional cuisine and the finest cuts of meat available. A winner of Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence, patrons will have no problem pairing their meal with a fine red or white wine.

Adelphi Hotel Backyard

A Regal, Refined Weekend

Experiencing both the recent innovations of the Buick models coupled with the elite lifestyle offered by the Adelphi will change how anyone views “the weekend away.” At VUE, we search for the products and services that never negotiate on luxury. A road trip to Saratoga Springs, in the hands of Buick and the Adelphi, exemplify this mission. After the event, we walked away feeling exhilarated, refreshed and ready to schedule another visit as soon as possible.