By The Numbers: A Captivating Little Island

A dazzling structure seated on the edge of New York City, Little Island delivers an escape and an immersive experience of art and nature. In 2013, the Hudson River Park Trust leadership, in partnership with media mogul Barry Diller set out to revive pier 54, recently damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Diller and wife Diane von Furstenberg donated more than $260 million to build this inventive and public space along the Hudson River. The design was born from a collaboration with Heatherwick Studio and landscape architecture firm MNLA. The structural design was drawn from the remaining woodpiles from pier 54. The landscape mimics a leaf floating on water. Little Island offers sweeping lawns, winding pathways, and three stages for live performances. Locals and visitors can now enjoy this distinctive public space that is both captivating and inspiring. 

Photo credit: Michael Grimm Photography

2.4-acre park

The 2.4-acre park was conceived to emerge from the existing wood piles of the former piers of the Hudson and designed to look like a leaf floating on water.

132 concrete “Tulips”

On top of the piles 132 concrete “Tulips” make up the structure of the park. Each tulip’s shape is unique and has a different weight load capacity to hold the soil, lawns, overlooks, and trees.

35 species of trees

65 species of shrubs

290 varieties of grasses, vines, and perennials

Photo credit: Michael Grimm Photography

66,000 bulbs

Including Camassia, Fritillaria, Chinodoxa, Muscari, and Narcissus

114 trees

Some, known as hero trees, are anticipated to grow 50 to 60 feet tall.

 687 seats

Little Island has a large and traditional performance space (The Amph) that features a thrust stage with 687 seats

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