Cadaval & Solà-Morales: Sunflower House

Cadaval & Solà-Morales is an award-winning architecture firm that was founded in New York City in 2003 and relocated to Barcelona and Mexico City in 2005. The firm’s objective is to create intelligent and effective designs of all scales. Some of the many awards Cadaval & Solà-Morales have won include the Bauwelt Prize (Munich), the Young Architects Prize from the Catalan Institute of Architects (Barcelona), the Design Vanguard Award (New York), the International FAD Prize 2016 (Barcelona), the Spotlight Prize 2016 (Houston) and the Emerging Voices Award (2017) from the Architectural League of New York. Their work has also been selected for multiple exhibitions in Europe and abroad.

One of their more remarkable projects, Sunflower House, is located in Port de la Selva, Girona, Spain, in front of the Mediterranean Sea along the beautiful Spanish coast. The house was designed to capture the breathtaking views and allow sunlight to illuminate every room. Cadaval & Solà-Morales carefully studied geometry, created models, and sketched draft designs which they digitally tested in order to make the most efficient house for this specific location. Based on the various openings, the alignment of the house creates an intended relationship with the water and mountains by the designers. The house also has a green roof that aids in controlling its interior climate; sunlight entering the home raises  its internal temperature.

The design of the Sunflower House breaks down the panoramic views of the sea and instead creates several views of the sea and mountains from different areas of the house, allowing a special appreciation of each room.

Photo credit: Sandra Pereznieto

Sunflower House

Photos Courtesy of Sandra Pereznieto




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