Camus Hosts Cognac Tasting at Le Malt

Camus Hosts Cognac Tasting at Le Malt

20161117_161032I must admit, I’ve never been much of a cognac drinker. That was until earlier this year, when I was first introduced to the Camus brand. As they’ve helped us at VUE bring so many of our events to life throughout 2016, I quickly became impressed by both the brand’s drinkability and by the cocktails created by the Camus team. But in working with the brand I didn’t just receive an appreciation for the spirit, I received an education.


Le Malt: EBMphotography

On Tuesday, November 15th, I joined guests at Le Malt, a James Beard House Featured Restaurant Lounge in Colonia, NJ for an exclusive Camus Cognac Tasting event. The evening—led by Daniel Tindal, Mid Atlantic Market Manager for Camus Wines and Spirits—began with passed hors d’oeuvres and a brief background on the brand’s steadfast history. Following introductions, the Le Malt culinary team served a six-course dinner, each dish subsequently paired with a different award-winning Camus cognac (don’t worry, we Ubered home).


Camus Estate – FR

The Camus brand is one steeped in tradition. Helmed today by Cyril Camus, 5th generation of the Camus family, their process of cognac making has been passed down from father to son, ensuring the spirit’s one-of-a-kind quality down to the soil, vines and grapes. I was fortunate enough to meet Cyril earlier this year and he made it clear that Camus is making its way to the U.S., the ultimate stage for showcasing their world-renowned cognac profile. Fast forward to today, it seems as though Camus is quickly emerging as a premier cognac in the New York Metro Area.

Camus has also been showing off its Borderies collection, which was a big hit at the Le Malt event; the collection pays homage to the Camus family’s home in France just Northwest of the city of Cognac. Camus is the only cognac producer to make 100 percent Borderies cognacs, made only from grapes from the Borderies cru. The Borderies cru itself is expressed through a well-balanced structure, carrying with it a rich array of aromas and a long finish that are truly unique.

Highlighted Cognacs of the Evening

VS Elegance: Gold appearance with scents of vine blossom and fresh grapes; Distilled fruit flavors blended smoothly with a pinch of peppery notes, guaranteeing an aromatic continuance on the palate.


Camus XO Elegance

VSOP Elegance: Vibrant Golden color which introduces a floral and fruity aroma, with notes of grapefruit and almond. VSOP displays a remarkable balance between smoothness and structure with a spicy/vanilla finish.

XO Elegance: A long aging cognac with a bright amber appearance that announces the voluptuous harmony of flowers and dried fruits. XO includes notes of plum, hazelnut and licorice which are prevalent in its finish accented with a pinch of spice.

EXTRA Elegance: A long aging spirit with an intense and complex flavor profile. EXTRA has a smooth texture with notes of dried violet, pastries, tobacco, leather and walnut. It has a pure velvet finish.


Camus Borderies VSOP

BORDERIES VSOP: Easily my favorite. It’s elegant, it’s floral and it’s got an incredible structure with just the right hint of woodiness. Extremely smooth, the wine from this cognac comes mostly from the Domanies Camus estates with a long aging process in seasoned casks where it develops its mineral character.

BORDERIES XO: Very intense and, like the Borderies VSOP, it was distilled on the lees before its aging process in oak barrels. This XO is created mainly from the most prized vines of the Camus estate. It features a taste of fruity, spicy, and gourmet notes before developing perfectly towards a finish with a long-lasting flavor of floral hints.

*Camus cognac is now available in the NJ/NY area at a variety of fine wine and liquor stores. Visit for more info.