Canada Goose: A Window to the Arctic

By Melissa Sorge

Canada Goose Brings Luxury Winterwear to New Jersey

Reminiscent of Arctic voyages, epic adventures, and Canadian heritage, the new Canada Goose flagship will transport visitors far away from Short Hills, New Jersey. Entering the luxury boutique, shoppers are immersed in a frozen world, where Canadian artwork represents the brand’s history and surrounds a carefully curated collection of luxury apparel. From iconic jackets, parkas, and knitwear to cold weather accessories, thrillists need look no further to outfit an intrepid journey.  

The Inuk bear sculptures standing guard throughout the store allude to Canada Goose’s involvement with Polar Bears International—a non-profit conservation organization. The Inuk prints and photography on the walls reflect the brand’s commitment to the indigenous communities of Northern Canada. The immense cash desk, carved from solid marble, elicits the raw luster of an iceberg, and the first-of-its-kind in-store Cold Room will envelop customers in the chill of the Arctic as they try on some of the world’s warmest jackets. 

Founded in 1957 by Canadian immigrant Sam Tick, Canada Goose was established in a humble Toronto warehouse. Then called Metro Sportswear Ltd., Tick’s company focused on producing dependable snowmobile suits, raincoats, and woolen vests. In the 1970s, the label Canada Goose emerged, as Tick’s son-in-law, David Reiss, revolutionized cold weather apparel by using the newly invented down filling machine to manufacture jackets that could withstand some of the world’s most frigid climates.

Not long after, in the 1980s, the Expedition Parka, or “Big Red,” helped earn Canada Goose its reputation as a world leader in luxury apparel. The parka was created specifically for the scientists working in glacial conditions at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, and it made good on its promise to withstand the Arctic weather. Throughout the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early 2000s, Canada Goose cemented its reputation, outfitting record-breaking mountain climbers, dog-sled racers, and hikers, all while staying true to the company’s “Made in Canada” roots.

canada goose                  canada goose

Committed to the people and the land of its origin, Canada Goose continues to manufacture their products exclusively in Canada and takes an active role in helping the communities and wildlife there. In 2007, Canada Goose partnered with Polar Bears International and created the PBI apparel collection. Mindful that most of the planet’s polar bear population live in Canada, Canada Goose donates a portion of every PBI sale to Polar Bears International in an effort to conserve the habitats of these beautiful, arctic creatures. In 2009, in support of the Inuit people of Canada, Canada Goose opened two resource centers in the Canadian Arctic that supply sewers with free materials to hand-make clothing for their families and neighbors. Unwavering in their commitment to community and quality manufacturing, it is not surprising that Canada Goose continues to gain momentum around the world as a leader in luxury apparel. 

As of Sept. 14, 2018, Canada Goose devotees can shop in the new flagship store right here in Short Hills, New Jersey. Dani Reiss, president and CEO of Canada Goose, as well as grandson of the founder, is thrilled to share the history and the excitement of Canada Goose with New Jersey shoppers: “The experience of shopping in a Canada Goose store is both a walk through our history and an opportunity to discover how we continue to innovate for the future…Every city where we have opened our doors has been an incredible experience with fans embracing us warmly. I am excited to bring our authentic brand experience, unfiltered, to our fans in these world-class locations.”

The Short Hills flagship carries over 200 styles/color combinations of jackets. Customers can grab the new men’s HyBridge Base Jacket, a lightweight nylon and micro twill coat filled with Power Hutterite White Goose Down, and test it out in the Cold Room, where it will withstand temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Another fabulous new find is the women’s Camp Hooded Jacket. A quilted, windproof, nylon shell with Power Hutterite White Duck Down Fill make this jacket suitable for extremely low temperatures, yet also breathable and conveniently packable.

canada gooseIn addition to their famous jackets and parkas, the new Short Hills Canada Goose store also carries over 45 knitwear styles and combinations, over 130 accessories, and over 40 styles for youth, kids, and baby. Exclusive to this location is the one-of-kind New Jersey Toque, a knit hat that is essential for any winter collection and represents the unity of Canada Goose luxury apparel and its new New Jersey home. Other accessories of the season include men’s fur-lined hats, knit beanies, waffle-stitched slouch hats, and leather workman gloves; women’s pom pom beanies, chunky knit hats, baseball caps, and arctic down gloves; and kids logo beanies, scarves, and water resistant mittens. The Canada Goose flagship store is on the upper level of The Mall at Short Hills between Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.