Caraa: Built for Action

If you’ve ever spent more than a few hours in New York City, you’re familiar with the energy of “The City That Never Sleeps.” Whether you’re surrounded by the hustle of reusable-coffee-cup-clad business people on their way to work via the A-Train or the post-work rush to Manhattan’s downtown hotspots, there’s one main observation that can be noted—life in The City moves at a fast (and sometimes furious) pace. 

caraaWhen working days seem longer than skyscrapers are tall, a quintessential part of urban living is to have a versatile, active wardrobe. Dare I say, the most important investment one can make is in a bag that supports your lifestyle and can store everything you use along the course of a day’s journey. A bag that carries everything from headphones and laptops to water bottles and workout clothes at the same time seemed like a dream, until we discovered Caraa

Even though the athleisure market is valued at nearly $35 million, there seems to be a lack of handbags that encourage active living. While it sits at a high price point, Caraa’s bags do away with the decision many have to make between carrying a designer bag that is stylish but not functional, or using a traditional gym bag that is practical but hard on the eyes. 

Founded in 2015, Caraa is a New York City-based sport-bag and accessory company that reimagines handbags and backpacks for today’s modern and active life. At the head of this operation is CFDA award-winning designer Carmen Chen Wu and Aaron Luo who believe that a love for travel and working out should not discount someone’s desire to do so in style. 

Caraa’s very first bag, the Studio #1, can transition from a satchel to a cross-body bag, and can be worn as a backpack, all by attaching and detaching varying straps. Having the option to alter the structure of “the only bag you’ll ever need,” as some say, changes the game and allows for the opportunity to personalize the bag to one’s active lifestyle.

Since breaking into the industry with the Studio bag, Caraa has developed a series of other bags in different styles and color schemes. Caraa’s sport bags have a sleek exterior to most of their designs, but the brand has recently started to embellish their bags with hand-stamped studs and pearls, for those looking for a dressed-up version.

The brand’s Stratus Backpack is recognized for its versatility, durability, and the overall design of the bag itself. Knowing the benefits of being active, many individuals are not willing to compromise when it comes to getting in a quick workout every day. With the tight schedule many of us live by, it’s time that there was a bag that can masterfully transition from the office to the gym to a night on the town. For example, following a jog on the treadmill during your lunch break, the Stratus bag can hold your sneakers in a nylon pouch and store your water bottle either on the inside or outside of the bag. As you head back to the office, this bag can also carry your laptop and the leftovers you packed for lunch. To top it all off, each Caraa bag has an antimicrobial lining to protect the inside and its contents from becoming dirty.

These versatile bags are purposefully designed and manufactured alongside the luxury products of Prada and other high-end brands. Besides being sold through Caraa’s online shop, these bags can be found on,, as well as some Equinox locations.

When your days are busy, and your bag is full, it’s imperative to stay organized in order to keep on-track, on-schedule, and on-point in the workplace and beyond. In this fast-paced world, Caraa’s sport bags eliminate the need to choose between functionality and fashion and bridge the gap between luxury handbags and low-budget duffels. Just as we are, the Caraa bag is built for action, but designed for style.