From Diamond Earrings to Cash Loans: Millennial Luxury

You read it here: that luxury handbag, the one that has been sitting in your closet gifted years ago, holds crucial value that could level up your wealth. Leverage that bag for quick and easy cash loans into your bank account. 

There could be a clear path to achieving your financial goals like boosting your credit score. Luxury asset-based cash loans provide a low-risk route to financial success rather than traditional loans.

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What is Luxe Lending Company?

Luxe Lending Co. is the luxury asset-based cash loans firm based in New York. Luxe supplies cash advances by safely leveraging the luxury items that you have. The pandemic’s financial distress created a host of economic issues. Trade in that set of luxury bracelets for the key to launching that business. I’m talking to you, Millennials.

Maybe the Rolex passed down from Grandpa? Or the diamond earrings from last Valentine’s Day? Luxe Lending Co. temporarily holds onto your luxe items while providing immediate cash loans.

The online application makes the process quick and easy.

Nicole Schwartz, the founder of Luxe Lending Co., created the business using her experience working in the high-fashion industry. The pandemic inspired Schwartz to finally launch Luxe to help the future generation of luxury: the infamous Millennials. Luxe uses quick and easy cash loans to foster entrepreneurship and other business interests.

“Luxe is a business, not to be confused with a small business, here to compete, provide market education, and supply safe luxury item-based cash loans. The sky’s the limit,” said Schwartz with a ten-year history working for high fashion companies.

How does Luxe differ from traditional loan officers?

Luxe Lending Co. brings a personalized approach to the often uncertain loan industry. Luxury items become collateral rather than your protected credit score normally targeted by high-interest rates. It can be the Rolex collecting dust in a bedroom drawer or the gifted Chanel handbag from years ago. Exchange those items to launch that business idea, invest in the market, or leverage wealth for the next coming years.

Luxe aims to tailor the approach with clientele using social media and one-on-one consultations. Clients experience a transparent process with room for questions, concerns, or comments along the way. Luxe believes every client deserves respect and the feeling of luxury. Your long-term financial goals are kept intact with this innovative approach to leveraging wealth.

Luxe Lending Co. also continually assists in educating clients on the proper luxury items to purchase. Think about the right time to sell? What about how compounding value works? Schwartz’s years in the fashion industry helped build her toolbox of luxury market knowledge. 

A 1991 Hermès Kelly Handbag has grown in more than 70-percent over the past thirty years. Schwartz plans to continue using Instagram to share her insights to educate her following. Her holiday guide to responsible luxury shopping this past December was quite the hit.

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How can Luxe help the Millennial generation?

Luxe Lending Co. also creates opportunity for the Millennial generation often mocked with their financial capabilities. However, Millennials are projected to take up more than 50-percent of the luxury market by 2025, according to a study conducted by Forbes. 

The future of luxury is clearly Millennial. The generation uses social media and wants to grow their own digital brands using luxury items. Luxe directs Millennials in the right place to invest in long-term equity from quality labels.

Sustainability in luxury is often ironic, but Luxe aims to support second-hand avenues of luxury. Popularized by household celebrity names like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, second-hand is the name of the game for Millennials and Gen-Z. Schwartz gifted her friend, months away from becoming a mom, a white, gender-neutral, cashmere Hermès Baby Blanket, which will compound over time. There were two gifts: luxury and investment.

In fact, Luxe leads a greener future for the environment and potential client entrepreneurs. For founder Nicole Schwartz, Luxe Lending Co. envisions a future of leveraging the next generation into the next prosperous age.

“Luxe directs Millennials into the right directions to invest in long-term equity from quality luxury,” said Schwartz.

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