Modern Hues

Design Lifestyle

Wake up, grab the latest issue of your favorite magazine, and indulge yourself in that first sip of morning coffee. Somewhere in the Somerset suburbs, rays of sunlight sneak through skylights of a vaulted ceiling to illuminate a...

Mid-Century Style

Design Lifestyle

When it comes to design, styles have changed consistently over the years. Yet as in everything, styles also come back around. Today, many people can now appreciate the vintage styles of the past, especially the era of the 1950s...

Sophisticated Living

Design Lifestyle

When it comes to home décor, creating a space that looks balanced takes skill. Beyond that, there are unspoken rules to follow: which colors can and can’t go together, using more than one print, but sometimes, rules are meant...

Capturing The Moment

Design Lifestyle

The first thing that comes to mind when stepping into Stanley Casselman’s studio at Mana Contemporary is, “How does an economics major from Pitzer College in California end up creating beautiful abstract paintings in Jersey...



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