Cindy Crawford: Beauty Beneath the Surface

As the years pass, some stars rise and others fade. Though many reach unprecedented levels of success, only a few truly become icons that continue to inspire and shine decade after decade. Cindy Crawford is one of those few, a name that holds as much weight today (if not more) as it did when she first graced the cover of Vogue.

Since the start of her modeling career in the ‘80s, Crawford began to inspire women both domestically and internationally, becoming a celebrated trademark. She first attracted attention when a photographer published a photo of her at just 17, and shortly after, Crawford left the chemical engineering program at Northwestern to pursue modeling. From the moment she wowed viewers with her original Super Bowl Pepsi commercial (a role she reprised in 2016), the entire world knew she was the “it girl.” As one of five original supermodels, she brought a level of professionalism to the modeling world, one that would become an industry standard for others to look up to. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Crawford was the face of over 500 magazine covers, forging a legacy that won’t soon be replicated.

At the height of her career, Crawford became the highest-paid model on the planet. And though she retired from the catwalk in 1999, she’s never left the public eye. These days, Crawford is happy spending her time with her family—husband Rande Gerber and their children Presley and Kaia (who she appeared with on the cover of Vogue Paris in 2016)—but she continues to serve as a spokesmodel and ambassadress for several luxury labels all over the world, including brands like Hermes, Omega and David Yurman, to name a few. Crawford continues to don the title of ambassadress for many luxury names even today, including many of her own product lines as well, but there are few she loves more than design.

It’s no secret that Crawford knows style when she sees it, and home interiors are no exception. She first launched the Cindy Crawford Home Collection in 2005, a collection she personally assisted in creating by advising on everything from color and style to the families it would be marketed towards. The Cindy Crawford Home line includes stylish pieces of furniture that are meant to appeal to diverse lifestyles, where she brings “all the qualities” of home design she cares about, to life. And with the most iconic spokesmodel on the planet as the face of her brand (herself), it’s no surprise that the Home Collection is still here today.

Cindy CrawfordMost recently, Crawford has found herself as the new face of Silestone by Cosentino, an industry leader and innovator in stone surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. The Cosentino brand itself is known globally and to no surprise is a family-owned company which values ideals of bringing inspiration to people through their design, much like their newest spokesmodel. As a whole, Cosentino focuses its development not just on the Eastern U.S., but also on international expansion, all the while making “style” a focal point for their brands. Looking at it objectively, it makes perfect sense for Silestone to choose an iconic supermodel like Crawford as the face of their brand, as she is not only an internationally recognized figure, but embodies that professionalism and flair that only a select few in history could achieve.

“The worlds of fashion and design are so closely intertwined, and we’re honored to partner with one of the world’s most celebrated supermodels for our 2017 advertising campaign,” Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America, said. “Ms. Crawford represents the aesthetic Silestone inspires homeowners to create in their own spaces: fashion forward and elegant, with timeless appeal.”

The new advertising campaign, which is likely to run until 2018, examines both Crawford and Silestone as the “topmost” in their respective fields. It features the iconic supermodel and entrepreneur beside the new Silestone Eternal Collection, which is also new to the brand this year. The collection, a nod to the planet’s most attractive natural stones and marbles, emphasizes Cosentino’s devotion to creating stunning surfaces that can “outperform” classic materials while still maintaining a luxury aesthetic. The Eternal Collection itself features natural, non-porous surfaces which negate the need to be sealed.

The campaign, aptly named “Tops on Top” (no doubt a play on “countertops”), will feature several of Crawford’s “Tops” such as her top memory, top vacation spot, and top city, to name a few. Dressed in black, Crawford tells Silestone some of the keys to her success in their newest campaign video, mirroring the fundamental pillars for which Silestone and Cosentino were founded upon. Silestone presents the Eternal Collection in the latest modern colors and aesthetics, idealizing the timeless beauty of both these sought-after stones and of course, Crawford herself.

But what really makes this unexpected alliance so special, is Crawford’s timeless devotion to professionalism, naming work ethic and family as a few of her keystone values. “My top [priority] in life is balance, and that balance includes family first and foremost. Also, my job, my career, and then myself which is my friends, time for exercise, time for just resting and taking care of myself. What marries all of those is this idea of balance,” Crawford said during her Silestone interview.

“I’m very on time. When I’m at work, I work hard. I treat my job, even though it’s fun and I love it, I treat it like a job. I think when I knew I reached the top … was little tops all along the way. I think my first top was my first cover of Vogue. Then there’s been little things along the way, that each one has been a top—different markers along the way that help you realize, you know what, I’ve made it.”
The campaign builds upon Silestone’s devotion to ingenuity throughout its 26-year history, pioneering trends and designs by making materials “a fashion staple” in architecture and home design. The partnership between Crawford and Silestone is one steeped in the supermodel’s ever-present style and inspiration, which extends to home design. “My partnership with Silestone brings together the things that are of top importance in my life: Home, my place of balance where I spend time with my family, as well as my passion for fashion and design. I love creating beautiful spaces—with beautiful materials like Silestone—to enjoy every day with my family.”