Coastal Appeal: Nestled in Cape Town’s Hillside

by Loannie Dao

With spring and summer on the horizon, deciding where to spend your vacation can be tough. However, if you are one of the lucky few who can call the coastal city of Cape Town home, then the decision is quite simple. The hills of Cape Town are lined with rows of astounding properties and this home, in particular, is no exception.

Designed by SAOTA, this seaside home is located in one of South Africa’s most famous travel destinations. Its breathtaking views were envisioned by the masterminds behind SAOTA, an award-winning firm that is recognized internationally for their innovative approach to CGI and design. Although the firm was established in South Africa, years of experience in architectural and technological practice has formed SAOTA and their strong support staff into a household name. Driven by its leaders, Philip Olmesdahl, Stefan Antoni, Greg Truen, Mark Bullivant and Phillippe Fouché, the team shares a dynamic vision for their projects, a style that is evident in every project they execute. Since the firm’s inception, they have expanded across the globe to five continents with clientele in cities including Sydney, Miami, Dubai and Lagos, to name a few. Currently, 85 percent of SAOTAs clients are internationally based, creating designs for everything from corporate and institutional facilities to commercial and residential spaces.

cape townWith sweeping views of the ocean, this Cape Town home capitalizes on its location, something SAOTA has done with a variety of properties in this particular area. Nestled into the hillside of Clifton, an affluent Cape Town suburb, the home’s structure compliments South Africa’s climate, natural scenery, and infrastructure, factors the innovative minds at SAOTA are always conscious of. The home displays two geometric steel and concrete structures that protrude towards the coastline. This not only offers broad vistas of the clear water but connects the dwelling with its landscape. The expressive aesthetic of the home is achieved through large floor-to-ceiling retractable doors and windows. The full height of the glazed windows gives the home an airy atmosphere, with an abundant amount of natural light.

The designers at SAOTA separated the use of the space, making it ideal for any luxurious lifestyle. Among the many stunning characteristics of this Cape Town home, it features a four-car garage along with additional space for parking on the driveway. There is a sizable gym adjacent to multiple bedrooms and a study on the first level.

cape townAdditionally, this home is equipped for entertaining, with a second level that includes an outdoor bar, pool, and lounging area. These rooms are surrounded with glass walls, opening it up to its beautiful natural surroundings. The installation of movable doors allow the dining and living rooms to spill out into the outdoor terrace, giving the entire home a larger feel and overall, making it more versatile.

cape townStill, all of the details in this home are visually appealing. SAOTA used off-shutter concrete walls to create a modern look. A glass bridge ties the two hovering structures together on the upper levels. Both sections have bedrooms and terraces that perch out for an optimal view of the coast. In addition to the generous amounts of glass panels throughout the home, the space is complete with skylights and a fire-pit.

The retained timber-shutter texture gives the home a warm feel. The firm sandblasted the natural stone floors to complement the finished wall and ceiling fixtures. Polished tile floors mimic the reflection of the adjacent ocean. Keeping with the surrounding landscape, SAOTA ties the entire home together with natural stones and neutral colors. By tucking the home into Cape Town’s hillsides, the in-house CGI team and property designers created a space that was transparent yet private. This property is truly a modern home that pays homage to Cape Town’s luxurious landscape.