Color Me Buttercream

Lately, I think of our safe shelter, our home,with the soft sheets underneath our skin as the simple things that bring us joy. As we reflect on the past, we are all catapulting into the future, trying to balance as we move into a new world. Today, the color industry is forecasting its color trends for 2022, as the 2021 hues take a back seat. Not a simple task since there are over 3,000 colors to choose from, but only a handful of hues will make it to the runway and right onto the color palette. Notably, only one color will stand on its own as the color of the year.

This fall, we will see some brown tones, accompanied by a serene but rich marigold yellow hue that is striking as an accent wall. White will be a main staple in the color world, but we will see a trend in a subtle white, which I love paired with the trending color of Buttercream. The overtone is a fun substitute for the classic creams and beige. Coincidently, this summer I’ve incorporated a lot of the buttercream color, not only as a paint color but in furniture and accessories in a few homes down the shore. When using a buttercream color, be careful with too much saturation as it can appear jaundiced. It’s always good practice to bring the actual paint sample you’re considering home and apply a small amount to the space you want to paint. It’s better than painting an entire wall only to find out that the color is not what you had expected.

Another contender to the mix for the color of the year is a military green, which I would love to see on an accent wall, and a minty blue is also in the mix.