Custom Club Fitting With PXG

Founded in 2014 by Bob Parsons, PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf), has remained dedicated to one central goal, creating the finest and most efficient golf equipment and products on the market. Being an avid golfer, and a tech-junkie with a drive towards enhancing his golf game, Parsons took it upon himself to seek out the technological advancements and materials needed to design and create the best golf clubs possible. Parsons gave two engineers, Brad Schweigert and Mike Nicolette, unlimited time and funds and asked them to create something completely different than anything in the industry, with more appeal and the most forgiveness conceivable. By 2015, PXG was fully established and became an international brand after releasing a full line of golf clubs.

With seven current locations including its headquarters and more on the way, PXG has made its name in the golf industry and consistently introduces top-quality equipment that continues to impress golfers. PXG gained popularity with their custom fitting service that is completely tailored to the client to lead them to their most efficient performance on the golf course. The precision and individual attention is given to each client is what sets  PXG apart from other fitting services. 

A PXG custom club fitting begins by giving the client background information on PXG so they can better understand the company and its philosophy. A typical fitting for an iron takes about an hour but if a client is looking to be fit for an entire golf bag, it will take closer to an hour and a half. The client will explain what they are looking for and what they hope to get out of their purchase. After a PXG representative breaks down the fitting process for the client and presents the different equipment PXG offers, the actual fitting can begin. 

The client will bring their current 7-iron with them so they can find something comparable that they are comfortable with, and then feel the difference between their current clubs and PXG clubs. The client will start by warming up for about five minutes with a wedge to get their blood flowing, then, they will take 5 to 10 swings with their current club. PXG uses software, TrackMan, to monitor distance and provide feedback on how fast the client is swinging, the ball speed, the overall distance that the ball was hit, the carried distance, spin rate, height and landing angle. The most identifiable and useful information tracked is the overall distance, ball speed and swing speed. Using an IPad to track all of the data, both the client and the fitter are able to see the combinations of shafts and heads of the iron, essentially leading them to something similar to what they are currently using. A huge perk of PXG’s custom fitting is that it gives clients the opportunity to try new equipment and hopefully find a better fit for them to improve their game.

Once the client’s data has been determined, they will try different head and shaft combinations and do 5 to 10 swings with each, narrowing down the options throughout the process. With a decision made on a head and shaft combination, PXG will reaffirm the choice by testing the accuracy of the client’s swing. If the client is just coming in for an iron, then this process will be complete but for those looking to create an entire golf bag, they will then move into fitting for the driver.

After taking 50 swings with the 7-iron, the client’s body will be completely engaged without reaching exhaustion, which is the perfect time to fit for a driver because the driver is the longest club in the bag and it requires the fastest swing. From the driver, the fitting can move into the fairway wood, then to hybrids, then to wedges and end with a putter. Since PXG is so customized, not everyone will buy an entire bag but they will always spend extra time on whatever it is that the client is looking for. At the end of the fitting, the client and fitter will go through all of their specifications and go through the pricing to ultimately place their order. Once the order is placed, it will take 7 to 10 days for production and then it will be shipped. 

PXG consistently introduces new equipment and technology to further improve their consumers’ game. Their new GEN4 Irons use XCOR technology, allowing for more forgiveness, better distance and an overall improved iron. These clubs are being produced faster than previous equipment so can get to their clients more quickly and efficiently. Avid golfers and beginners alike have something to learn and gain from PXG’s custom club fittings. Whether you are looking to update your set of clubs, improve your golf game or learn about the type of golfer you are, PXG has a team of experts working toward giving you the most customizable experience the golf industry has to offer. Now is your time to find your fit and get more out of your game. 

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