How To Design a Custom Engagement Ring with Carbo Jewelers

Choosing the right engagement ring can be both exciting and nerve-racking. VUE caught up with Nicolas Carbo of Carbo Jewelers, who helped guide us through the stages of custom ring design (though they’re able to customize just about any type of jewelry). With locations in Newark and West New York, Carbo Jewelers has been making the engagement ring selection process seamless since 1964.


In the initial stage, typically the jeweler will show you some options in their inventory to help gauge your preference and timeline. “First, we’ll move through our inventory, and narrow down price range. We ask our customers what kind of features they like—do they want simple, filigree, lots of diamonds, classic, tapered, etc,” Carbo explained.

Stone Selection

Seeing the stones in person is a huge benefit of working with a jeweler in your community, and negates the risk of you not liking the stone. You will run through the 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, carat), ultimately determining what is most important to you.  “If a customer is in between different stone types, we’ll get some sample stones and go from there. Here we can also show new popular designs like a claw set, prongs which hold the stone almost like a dragon’s nail.”

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and Wax Mold

Here your jeweler will create 3D renderings of two or three designs based on preference, including your choice of gold. “For most custom rings we only do 18kt white or yellow gold or platinum,” Carbo said. “If the customer likes a design, we print it out in wax and make a silicone mold for them to preview.”

Cast and Set Stone(s)

“After the mold, we cast the ring in their choice of metal. Following this we use nice quality VVS diamonds and set the stones for a finish.” This can take a varied amount of time depending on the ring’s design. Once the jeweler puts on the finishing touches, you can then set a date for pick-up. The only thing left to do is plan the big day!


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