Dawn of a Decade: Bold Predictions for the 2020s

1. Human-level A.I. will pass the Alan Turing test

2. Life expectancy will raise to 100 years

3. The first fully-autonomous car will hit the market


4. Humans will set foot on Mars

5. Jet packs will become more commonplace

6. Plastic credit cards will become obsolete

7. Virtual reality will allow us to travel the world

8. VR will become the new norm for social messaging

9. The cost of healthcare will continue to increase

10. Aquaculture will provide the majority of our seafood

11. More major cities will ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles

12. Supersonic commercial flights will be available for public use

Boom Supersonic

13. World population will soar above 8 billion

14. You will be able to vote from your home

15. Short-form video apps like TikTok will ascend


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