Dhahab: The Golden Dhow

—Explore the Gulf of Oman aboard Dhahab, a 90-foot sailing vessel.

Six Sense Zighy Bay, located just northeast of Dubai in the sultanate of Oman, is known for its one-of-a-kind experiences. The five-star resort with 82 “village-inspired” pool villas showcases the rugged beauty of Oman, set between the calm waters of the Musandam Peninsula and the awe-inspiring cliffs of the Hajar Mountains. At Zighy Bay, travelers can choose from distinctive experiences, ranging from adrenaline-packed rock climbs to aromatic tastings at the resort’s wine cellar. Perhaps the hotel’s most idyllic excursion however, is Six Senses’ Dhahab, a three-day adventure at sea. 

Meaning “gold” in Arabic, the Dhahab is a classically-designed 90-foot Omani sailing vessel or “dhow” which is outfitted with a stateroom, two cabins and private bath facilities. During a three-day cruise around the Gulf of Oman, guests aboard the hand-crafted ship have an opportunity to explore the Gulf of Oman with friends and family in a more intimate setting. Similar to vessels once used to take epic trade voyages, the Dhahab is a window to lesser known parts of the region with experiences like customized dives, kayaking and cruising the waters in a speedboat as the sunset gleams over the Musandam fjords. 


This cruise experience would not be complete without enjoying sumptuous meals aboard, designed by the Dhahab’s Chef de Cuisine who can also customize food to individual requests or special dietary requirements. In line with Eat With Six Senses philosophy, meals are prepared from fresh organic ingredients and include both international and local fare, as well as the catch of the day.


Setting out from Zighy Marina, the Dhahab’s three-day itinerary starts with a cruise to Haffa and Sanat Bays. On day one, the GEM (Guest Experience Maker) will recite ancient folklore tales while guests discover the myth of the dinosaur footprint. Leaving Sanat, the cruise continues along Lima Bay to anchor in Khor Kabahl for lunch where a leisurely afternoon is spent swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing or taking a speedboat tour along the majestic fjords. After dinner aboard the Dhahab prepared by a private chef, there’s just enough time to ponder the majestic Musandam sky.



On their second day, guests wake up to sun salutations during a morning yoga session on the upper deck. Book a bespoke dive experience, for both beginners and advanced divers alike, to explore the colorful coral and sea creatures or simply do some fishing on deck. Massages are also available aboard the dhow by a seasoned Six Senses Spa therapist. 


On their last day aboard this hand-crafted boat, Dhahab will depart for Khor Habaleen Bay, passing quaint fishing villages, which seem almost frozen in the past. Guests can learn about local culinary traditions with a cooking class on-board, or relax over a gourmet lunch before cruising back to Zighy Marina at Six Senses Zighy Bay.


*The three-day/two-night tailored itinerary is priced at $22,000 USD and inclusive of all meals and soft beverages.