Dr. Ramtin Kassir: Ruler of the Rhinoplasty

Triple certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, and the American Board of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Ramtin Kassir has been impressing patients with his precision and talent for decades. 

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, and completing medical school and a Residency in Otolaryngology from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Kassir went on to the University of South Florida for a Fellowship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is considered a sculptor and artist through his plastic and reconstructive surgery due to his pristine craft and extensive practice in his skill set. 

Opening his New Jersey practice 24 years ago, Dr. Kassir has wide-ranging experience in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery, endoscopic surgery, and laser surgery. Without social media when Dr. Kassir began practicing, he relied solely on providing great service and results to get the word out about his practice and procedures. In 1997, only doctors were allowed to perform laser hair removal procedures and Dr. Kassir had the only laser hair removal machine in New Jersey, putting him on the map in a non-surgical aspect, and forming a big following for him.

When he first opened his practice, Dr. Kassir mainly used plastic surgery as a way to solve medical issues such as fixing the noses of patients who suffered from breathing problems and performing reconstructive surgeries on those who underwent skin cancer treatments. Cosmetic surgeries for aesthetic purposes were just starting to take off, and Dr. Kassir was at the forefront of the industry. Having the opportunity to work with different lasers, injectables, and Botox before they were FDA approved served as an advantage to Dr. Kassir who was gaining experience that other surgeons were not. There are many different products available overseas before they are brought to the United States so Dr. Kassir will work with these products where they are developed so he will be proficient with them when they are introduced to the states. When Dr. Kassir began working with injectables, they were mostly collagen but in 2002, Botox and fillers were approved and there are now four different Botox equivalents. Dr. Kassir grew his clientele by using his precise craft and delivering optimal results, not through advertisements. 

“If you are great at something and really deliver great results, people will find you,” said Dr. Kassir.

Over time, Dr. Kassir gained popularity through patient referrals and word of mouth, but he has slowly transitioned to connecting with patients through social media platforms. Dr. Kassir’s Instagram account now has over 365,000 followers and the account is responsible for about 25% of the patients that come in to see him. Now, Dr. Kassir’s patients come from 140 countries, ranging from right here in the tri-state area, to patients that fly in from Asia, Europe, and Central America.  

In the last 10 years, non-surgical technologies and procedures have become an exciting and bustling aspect of aesthetic medicine. Non-surgical body contouring has become increasingly popular since it is an easy way to tighten skin without surgery. There are different types of body contouring. For the fat freezing process, the patient sits under a machine and has applicators actively freezing their fat to kill off the fat cells, providing the patient with a reduction without having to go through surgery. Skin tightening machines heat up the internal layers of the skin, heating the collagen and tightening the skin. EmSculpt, a device used to build muscle and sculpt the body, sends high-intensity electromagnetic waves to tighten the patient’s muscles and treat the skin–thirty minutes on the machine is equivalent to performing 1,000 sit-ups. Finally, a new technology was recently released that combines skin, muscle, and fat treatment, and is perfect for those who are looking to remove their last bit of fat. While these processes predominantly target the body, there are similar skin tightening technologies for the face, but injectable fillers and Botox alternatives are the main procedures used to smooth out wrinkles and reshape the face. 

Dr. Kassir is able to offer and perform both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Of course, surgical procedures are permanent and last longer, but it is still beneficial to be able to offer patients multiple options and methods of care. In the mid-2000s, Dr. Kassir pioneered non-surgical rhinoplasty which is best for a patient looking to get rid of a bump in their nose or lift the tip of the nose. In less than fifteen minutes, the patient can walk out of the office without recovery time or surgery. Facial Plastic Surgery is Dr. Kassir’s specialty, especially lip lifts and rhinoplasty. Since Dr. Kassir has been performing both surgeries for over 10 years and they are his most promoted surgeries on Instagram, people come from all over the world to get their nose or lips done by him. Recently, Dr. Kassir has been facing what he calls, “The Zoom Boom,” which he describes as everyone wanting to get cosmetic surgery right now because they are spending more time at home and do not really have anywhere to go, making for an easier recovery. His most common upcoming scheduled procedures include facelifts and rhinoplasties.

Dr. Kassir is best known for his outstanding rhinoplasty procedures. He is one of the few surgeons that has mastered the closed rhinoplasty where all of the work is done on the inside of the nose without opening it up. Dr. Kassir does not break the bones in a traditional sense while performing rhinoplasties. Instead, he uses micro-instruments and ultrasonic instruments to easily mold the bones and minimize the patient’s trauma, bruising, or need for pain medicine after the surgery, leading to a much smoother recovery. Dr. Kassir also performs open rhinoplasties and is facile in both techniques. He has seen many types of problems through his years of being a plastic surgeon, making him more experienced and equipped to face similar problems in the future.  Dr. Kassir’s rhinoplasty patients get phenomenal results, a comfortable surgery and recovery, minimal scar tissue, and less anxiety, allowing them to get back to their lives faster. 

“Plastic surgery is just as much art as it is science,” explained Dr. Kassir. Since every patient is unique, he cannot do the same thing for each. Everyone has a different face, culture, and beauty ideal, and by understanding that, Dr. Kassir is able to consider his patients as art pieces and works with them to create a customizable plan that fits their individual vision. The region that someone is from can influence their beauty ideals. Dr. Kassir has recognized that most patients that come from the Northeast want more natural-looking procedures, while those from Miami or Los Angeles are looking for a more drastic change. Social media has steered people with different trends taking off and celebrities promoting procedures. Nowadays, Brazilian Butt Lifts, Cat Eye Lifts, Fox Eye Lifts, and achieving a  “snatched” jawline are some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries fueled by social media trends. 

When a potential patient comes in for a consultation, Dr. Kassir ensures that they will feel comfortable and encourages them to bring in photos of what they are looking to achieve and photos of what they do not like in order to improve the forthcoming planning process. During the consultation, desired outcomes will be discussed along with the multiple procedure options available to give the patient a choice in what is best for them. Since no two patients are the same, it is important for patients to be honest and thoroughly explain what they are looking for so Dr. Kassir is able to gauge which method will be best used to reach and exceed the patient’s expectations. Getting down to the specifics is essential for Dr. Kassir to set reasonable expectations for his patients, and have things run smoothly. To view more of Dr. Kassir’s impressive work or make a consultation of your own, visit https://drkassir.com/