A Unique Glamping Experience… Because Who Wants to Camp in the Winter

Stepping into the Lushna Suite at the Eastwind Hotel & Bar immediately brings you into your own world. The three-hour drive up to this quaint hillside in Windham, NY was followed by an incredible glamping experience that still encompassed the fresh air of the outdoors. This Scandinavian getaway experience was the perfect way to spend a winter weekend.

Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and skiing are just 5 minutes away because of the proximity to Windham Mountain. Of course with a location this good, we had to spend an entire day snowboarding. After snowboarding, we decided to explore Windham, a laid-back Catskill Mountain town with year-round beauty, adventure, and relaxation. There were so many places to eat and drink downtown, not that you would go hungry staying at the Eastwind with all the different chef tasting options available for guests. After exploring downtown, our night was followed by awesome mixologist drinks at Eastwind’s craft cocktail bar and our own personalized dinner. We ended the day utilizing one of the many mini fire pits throughout the property to make s’mores with the kits provided to us. Hanging out by the fire surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Catskill Mountains after a long day of snowboarding was just what we needed.

The best part about the hotel was the disconnected feel of it. Upon arrival, there’s the main lobby with all the actual hotel rooms. This year-round boutique hotel boasts 26 rooms and 10 individual high-end cabins for a “glamping” experience. In the individual high-end cabins, you still have the feel of camping, but with a comfortable bed you can sleep in with four walls. There are two options for the individual high-end cabins – the Lushna and the Lushna Suite. The Lushna has 1 queen bed, whereas the Lushna Suite has a queen size loft bed and a pull-out full sofa bed in the lounge space. The minimalist designs were curated to fit in with all four seasons, with an extra touch of luxury.

We felt so surrounded by nature, especially with the outdoor shower that comes with all of the outdoor suites. When you turn into the main hotel, you can’t drive up to the cabins, but instead, have to walk up the hill. This made the individual high-end cabins very disconnected and secluded from the rest of the hotel. We were able to walk around and do whatever we wanted to because nobody was around, we were even separated from the actual hotel itself. There were no TVs in any of the rooms, so it really influenced the importance of being present in the moment throughout the stay. Although, there was great service and wifi everywhere on the property, even when we went all the way up to the cabin. Whether staying in the individual high-end cabins or the hotel, every guest has access to the outdoor infrared saunas near the suites. The infrared saunas are located in their own little cabin and are open 24 hours. They even gave us our own hooded Pendelton robes.

Every morning, breakfast baskets filled with coffee, juice, milk, and pastries were delivered to our cabin. Eastwind is incredibly pet friendly and our service dog even got to attend and have his own glamping experience. We were able to hike on the property and there are tons of other trails around the area. We’re hoping to return again in the warmer weather to participate in all of the fun Catskill activities in a new season. In the spring, Eastwind is hosting its own events such as candle-making, yoga with a view, and performances by various musical artists such as Julia Alsarraf, David Kraai, and Shutterdog.

Bishop, our service dog, outside our cabin!

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