If you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle of eating well and staying active, and you just can’t seem to shed that last bit of stubborn fat, you might consider the Emsculpt procedure. 

What is Emsclupt?

This FDA approved non-invasive treatment created by BTL Industries, claims to eliminate fat cells while building and tightening muscles. Using cutting-edge technology, this procedure stimulates contractions through the emission of electromagnetic pulses which forces your muscles to contract about 20,000 times in one 30 minute session. This is fairly similar to what you experience during a vigorous workout, without all the sweating. The process targets muscles in a treated area which signals the body to break down fats cells that are eventually excreted through urine. Emsclupt can be performed at a dermatologist’s office with a trained practitioner or at a certified wellness center such as Let Loose, located In Montvale New Jersey. An effective procedure includes four 30-minute sessions over the course of a two week period, spaced two to three days apart for optimal results. While Emsculpt can be for anyone, an ideal candidate is “within twenty-five pounds of their goal weight” suggests Emsculpt expert Billy Atkinson of  Let Loose, as it is encouraged for those looking for more definition in their body and is not for prolonged weight loss. BTL has put in a tremendous amount of time and research into the Emsculpt treatment. The company boasts a 96% satisfaction in their body sculpting procedures including Emsclupt. 19 years in magnetic therapy starting with low-level magnetic fields, ultimately evolved into over 7 years of development with a number of patents granted and several pending to date. At present the FDA has cleared Emsculpt for the buttocks, abs, calves, thighs, and arm areas. 


Patients can experience about 16% muscle development and 19% fat reduction with the procedure. Results are often visible after four to six weeks, and any fat reduction can be maintained with a “healthy diet and active lifestyle”. Emsculpt has also become popular in physical therapy for athletes and patients recovering from sports injuries. The treatment can be a quick way to restore weakened muscles due to such injuries. With little risk, the average patient will likely not experience any side effects during or after the procedure according to the brand. There is zero preparation required and zero downtime. While Emsculpt is by no means a substitute for healthy eating and a consistent workout regime, it can certainly contour the body and help build muscle to kickstart a new exercise program. This process can deliver newfound confidence in patients who might have been struggling with lingering fat for a period of time. Eager to try it out? Let Loose, an upscale and exclusive wellness center, offers Emsculpt and many other procedures for all your wellness needs.

By Sabrina Leba



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