When an Engagement Breaks Off, Who Gets the Ring? Divorce Dynasty Chimes In

By Karolina Dehnhard, Esq.
(Short Hills divorce attorney and founder of Divorce Dynasty )
When you get Knocked Out, will there be a Fight over the Ring? John Cena and Nikki Bella recently called off their long-term engagement just weeks before they were due to get married in Mexico.  While she’s no longer wearing it, prior photos had shown Nikki sporting quite the sizable rock —a ring that John had given her while on one knee.
Under New Jersey law, an engagement ring is considered a “conditional gift” and the condition is the wedding. If the wedding does not occur, the condition has not been fulfilled and  the ring belongs, rightfully so, to the grantor.
According to the court, “an engagement ring is a symbol or pledge of the coming marriage and signifies that the one who wears it is engaged to marry the man who gave it to her. If the engagement is broken off, the ring should be returned since it is a conditional gift… It does not matter who broke the engagement.”
It looks like both John and Nikki are back in the ring…the dating ring.