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By Melissa Sorge

Parisian style has mesmerized global shoppers for decades. From its effortlessly chic flair to its classic aesthetic, it transcends both time and trends. But what exactly is it that draws consumers towards this distinctive style, and why doesn’t it disappear after a few seasons, like so many others? The answer is that Parisian style is fluid: it evolves and changes based on the happenings and the people of the City of Lights. As such, Parisian style remains ever current and relevant—a metaphor for the city from which it originates.

Rather than trying to isolate one or two elements of Parisian style, concept brand Éternel Parisien captures the essence of Paris through a transformative and transcendental look at luxury accessories. When I first learned of Éternel Parisien, I could not help but wonder what a concept brand was and how it differed from a traditional brand model. The creative minds at é.p. enlightened me: 

“The brand name came spontaneously along with the idea of designing a collection of accessories and objects to serve the needs and aspirations of the discerning urban dweller. Éternel Parisien relies on spontaneity rather than market studies. It is a concept brand with accessories as its core business, but one that can also design and produce objects or clothing to respond to the impulse of the moment instead of aiming to conform to trends and collection imperatives. Today, Éternal Parisien makes bags and small leather accessories. Tomorrow, it may make a leash for dogs, a scooter helmet, or an umbrella.” 

Éternel Parisien was born from the creative mind of renowned French designer, Gilles Rosier. A Paris native, the city he calls home has motivated Rosier throughout his career. “Gilles Rosier has lived in Paris for most of his life and it has always been the main source of his inspiration,” President of Éternel Parisien, Stéphane Vigié told me. “He is a true Parisien. He knows the city inside out—its mood and spirit, its energy, its sense of humor, its cultural diversity, its biases, and prejudices also. There came a point in his life when creating a brand based on what Paris is all about was just the right and obvious thing to do. Being a Parisien is a way of being but also a way of doing things.” From this inspiration, and two long years of studies and research, Rosier created Éternel Parisien. 

A concept brand with its finger on the pulse of Paris, é.p. is creating French accessories in real-time. Éternel Parisen’s current luxury accessories are defined by sleek lines, functionality, high-quality leather, and purposeful accents. One of é.p.’s signature designs is the multi-functional Le Tout Paris, or The Paris Tote. Made of deep green calfskin leather and adorned with black leather handles and a striped cotton strap, this versatile carryall is perfect for hand carrying or throwing effortlessly over one’s shoulder. The interior of the tote is lined with black twill, and hidden inner handles provide yet another way to carry the stately bag. 

For quick errands or outings that call for ‘just the essentials,’ é.p.’s Sésame Urbain, or Urban Transport Card Case, is the perfect solution to staying stylish in a hurry. This black card case with a silver gunmetal key ring was designed to attach to a belt or clip directly into Le Tote Paris. If you are planning to stop for a bottle of wine during your travels, throw the Montebello bottle tote over your shoulder and you will have a safe and stylish way to transport the wine as well. The Montebello is currently available in é.p.’s signature deep bottle green color and is comprised of a matte leather exterior, insulated leather and cotton interior, and aged brass rings complement the outer straps. 

At the core of Éternel Parisien, however, is a commitment to staying true to its French roots. This includes exclusively manufacturing in France, supporting local artisans, and producing products in limited quantities to be mindful of the environment and guarantee the exclusivity of products for clients. 

“Paris is a cosmopolitan city and its international exposure is one of its main assets and sources of creativity,” the team at é.p. explained. “Artists from all across the world have come to Paris over the years to find inspiration, to express themselves, and to present their work. It is only in Paris that one can really feel and understand what sets the city apart and makes it unique.” 

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