Expert Craftsman Spotlight: Nate Cotterman

We’ve all heard the phrase, “craftsmanship deals in the currency of passion.” For Los Angeles-based glass maker Nate Cotterman, fine craftsmanship is his passion. He began his career after graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2007 with a B.A. of Fine Arts in Glass. Today, he is widely known for using traditional Venetian glass blowing techniques and his eccentric modern glassware. And though the LA-based glassblower’s focus is primarily on innovative handmade quality design, his products are carried by discerning retailers all over the world. In addition to working as a gaffer for notable individuals and studios throughout his career, Cotterman is also a renowned instructor in the world of glassblowing, even back where it all began in Ohio.

Nate Cotterman

Photo: JSquared Photography

With an eye for the material which he uses, Cotterman pays homage to the elements of his craft with smooth forms, evoking a powerful yet sophisticated aesthetic. His line of barware and home decor—which includes glass accent pieces and lighting—are a testament to true luxury, allowing one to have appreciation for the artistry in something as simple as a whiskey glass. Cotterman’s method involves desire for fluidity—creating pieces as quick as possible and as slow as necessary. His philosophy ironically is not to do more, but to do less. Essentially the less you touch the material, the more natural its appearance of the product’s end result.

Photo: JSquared Photography

When it comes time for gift-giving, VUE sought out his handmade flow decanter and cube whiskey glass for the reader who enjoys entertaining company (or those who just like a damn good glass of whiskey). Cotterman’s innovative cube glass design features a solid-glass cube inside which is shaped to work (and look) just like ice – stored in the freezer for when you’re ready. In layman’s terms, this ice never melts. Look for a special on the handmade decanter and whiskey glass by Nate Cotterman in this year’s VUE Luxury Gift Guide. For more information on Nate Cotterman and his designs, or to purchase product, visit his site here. You can also see his work at the annual NY NOW Accent of Design exhibit.