Now Open! Farrow and Ball Showroom in Paramus

Now Open! Farrow and Ball Showroom in Paramus

In late October, Farrow and Ball opened their newest showroom on 160 Route 17 North in Paramus. Designed to enhance visitor experience, the showroom was thoughtfully decorated in effort to assist customers in the color selection process. Overall, the space displays a wide range of Farrow farrow and balland Ball products and is meant to encourage creativity among buyers and creators. The Paramus renovation will provide Colour Consultancy service which will give patrons all of the inspiration and service needed to create a unique look at home, the office or elsewhere. The Farrow and Ball Showroom in Paramus will especially offer clients the chance to experiment with the brand’s different paints and wallpapers. (You can find out more about Colour Consultancy service by calling or filling out a form on their website.)

For those unfamiliar with Farrow and Ball, they are a British paint and wallpaper manufacturer known for their unique (and historic) color palettes. The company itself was founded in 1946 by paint pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball, after the two men met while working at a British clay pit. After eventually selling the company to Bakers years later, a fire occurred, destroying the farrow and balloriginal factory— ultimately forcing the brand to move to their current site near Wimborne where they have resided ever since. In the early 1990s, Historical Decorator Tom Helme and Corporate Financer Martin Ephson became the new owners of the company. The company started to expand by developing a variety of National Trust paints, rising even further after working closely with several historical buildings and helping to restore them with colors expressive of their eras.

Today, to even further their commitment to quality, the company has become eco-friendly, while still retaining their historical aesthetic. Following the success they saw at their first overseas showroom in Toronto, it wasn’t long before farrow and ballthey opened up shop in the United States (beginning with New York and now, of course, New Jersey.

In time, the Farrow and Ball showroom in Paramus will host events to celebrate the new location, introduce their newest novel, give tips on how to decorate and much more. The new space will contribute to the city’s already growing high-end retail culture. They will be open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and closed Sunday (as per Bergen County’s Blue Laws).


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