Fenix Englewood – The Future of Fitness

Fenix Englewood takes a new approach to fitness by prioritizing their trainers and the 1-on-1 personal training experience of their clients. David Pereira, the owner of Fenix Englewood, runs his facility by taking care of the trainers in a certain way that allows them to feel connected to Fenix, thus making it a better experience for their clients.

Pereira initially practiced medicine with the military which led him to fall and grow into this industry. While he was going to school to continue to practice medicine, Pereira began training because it was one of the most flexible things he could do with his busy schedule. He ended up getting the same kind of gratification that he yearned for in his desire to save lives because he was still positively influencing lives. This impact stuck with Pereira when he began to translate his career from medicine to health and fitness. Through the use of his military background, he evolved a proper structural organization in terms of his leadership and communication style. Pereira knew that in order to get to the next level, there needs to be a cultural structure for the trainers, so he professionalized and incentivized the trainers to have the type of motivation to treat the facility as if they own it as well.

At Fenix Englewood, gym costs are session-based and all up to what the client wants to do and how frequently they want to come in. Private training sessions range from $50-$60 and can be used however frequently you want to. Clients also have the opportunity to pay a membership fee for extra access to the facility. The trainers at Fenix empower clients to come train on their off days when they don’t have a training session in order to continue improving. Fenix is not the type of gym where you have to wait for machines, clients get the luxury of having access to anything whenever they may need it. During private sessions, clients are trained through a 30-minute training session. Trainers understand how one another trains which help them to understand where their room is and how to navigate around one another.

The trainers at Fenix Englewood are a hand-picked select group that fit the culture and vibe of the facility. In order to become a trainer, you have to go through Fenix’s internal internship program. Whether or not you are an experienced trainer, interns get trained by other trainers and shadow trainers to integrate them into the fabric of Fenix. All trainers are a part of the feel and vibe and understand that there are certain standards that Fenix wants to uphold long term.

The way that Fenix Englewood is decorated and kept gives it much more of a luxurious feel than other gyms in the area. Walking out of the elevator into the space, you are greeted with floor-to-ceiling windows, an abundance of natural lighting, and sleek and modern equipment that all fits Fenix’s clean aesthetic. Fenix is the perfect young, vibrant, and energetic place for people who want to get after it. It is truly a place that everyone is always happy to be at, what better a place to reap the benefits of investing in yourself.

At Fenix Englewood, everyone is motivated by the root of wanting to help people. They’re not trying to sell you something they don’t personally believe in, but rather guiding you by the overall long-term vision of the facility of helping people get the success they want to see while doing something that doesn’t feel like work.

The future of fitness is here. Train the Fenix way at 104 Grand Avenue, Englewood, NJ, or check out Fenix Englewood at https://fenixenglewood.com/