Finding Paradise In Seclusion

Serene seclusion is found at these private paradises.

Gladden Private Island

Summer has come, and we could not be more thankful. The sun is here to take away the cold dreariness of the winter, and the possibilities for a good time seem almost endless. If you’re feeling the urge to travel far from home, you are certainly not alone; we’re all craving this luxury that might not have been available in the past year. What better way is there to de-stress than spending time with your friends or family in some of the most beautiful places in the world? In looking for a quiet and secluded break to relax with your loved ones, consider these eight destinations as the next potential summer escape.


The innovative architecture of Treehotel alone is enough for you to book a stay immediately. This special hotel experience ensures guests of a secluded stay within the most alluring, untouched nature that Sweden has to offer. Each room is uniquely designed by some of the most acclaimed architects, yet all of them are built like a treehouse— suspended in the air among the trees, quite literally immersing you within a secluded environment. In order to preserve its natural surroundings, sustainability and ecological values are two staples for the hotel’s operation. The hotel also grants guests a chance to experience and support local culture that originates from the Harads village.

Thalia Haven

This location is the pinnacle of luxurious privacy. Found on Tasmania’s wild East Coast, surrounded by the Antarctic Ocean and within a small peninsula, sits Thalia Haven. It’s only visible from the ocean, and exists miles from other nearby inhabitants. At this exclusive residence, your only neighbors are the sand, the Great Oyster Bay, and possibly some sea life passing by. The name itself is derived from the Greek mythological figure, Thalia, who is commonly associated with prospering nature— a fitting name for such a location.

Awasi Patagonia

This destination takes privacy to a whole new level. Awasi Patagonia is located on a reserve in the heart of Chilean mountains, overlooking the Torres del Paine Mountain Range, the Patagonian Steppe, and Lake Sarmiento— ensuring an impressive view no matter where you are. To make the experience even more special, each villa is provided with a private guide and fourwheel drive vehicle, encouraging guests to explore the surrounding environment according to their own desires. In an area with a rich history, there are many different ways to experience this private reserve.

Explora Valle Sagrado

Explora’s lodge in Peru can be found in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and acts as a headquarters for exploring the beautiful sights of Machu Picchu and Cusco. It’s within walking distance of the village called Urquillos, where a local community maintains age-old traditions unlike anything that most tourist experiences offer. In addition to the remote location, Explora Valle Sagrado allows guests to be accompanied by a guide in a private excursion, making this destination fit for the travelers looking for seclusion.

Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn is not just innovative simply for its natural seclusion. This getaway offers various unique aspects, from its contemporary architecture to amenities including a library and a cinema. Guests can experience Newfoundland, Canada, from an entirely new perspective, whether for a quiet contemplation or an adventure into the local environment. Perhaps most impressive, however, is Fogo Island Inn’s dedication to change by promoting sustainability and respect for the surrounding nature and culture. It operates as an initiative of Shorefast, a charity created to help the community of Fogo Island, and, thus, stands as a community asset.

Post Ranch Inn

The Post Ranch Inn offers the perfect blend for a beautiful break. It sits perched on top of the cliffs of Big Sur, California— 1200 feet above the Pacific. Guests have the option of staying in one of two private houses, both with an oceanic and mountain view. Either way, guests have access to full services and amenities in the comfort of their own secluded sanctuary. The Post House is on the southernmost part of the property, where the spectacular views are visible from every part of the room as well as the exclusive backyard. The South Coast House, similarly, presents its oceanic outlook with floor-to-ceiling windows and private decks, providing the perfect seclusion.

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