First Class Ticket, Five Star Digs

First class air travel is about comfort and luxury, it’s about enjoying the trip as much as the destination. Most of the time, first class means a bigger seat, more legroom, and complimentary champagne, but if you’re on an international flight, spending eight or more hours in a metal cylinder, you’re going to want more out of your first class ticket. Here are three airlines that redefine first class by offering way more than just leg room and thicker cushions.

Emirates Private Suite

Emirates Private Suites exclusive to the Airbus A380 gives passengers a private space to unwind and enjoy the wonder of flight. The indulgent private suite is host to an array of amenities which include a private television, minibar, and meal service as often as you’d like. The first class treatment begins at your doorstep with a chauffeur taking you to the airport where you have access to exclusive lounges, as well as a fast track card that gets you through immigration quickly. In addition to private accommodations, first class on Emirates gives you access to an inflight shower spa and a lounge to socialize in. When you’re ready to sleep, just convert your seat into a bed and turn down the lights.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore AirlinesFound exclusively on board the Airbus A380, the suites on Singapore Airlines offer both comfort and privacy, with private cabins that feature handstitched Poltrona Frau armchairs. In the Singapore Airlines Suite’s inner sanctum, you can keep busy with a state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system, or entertain a guest by sharing a gourmet meal and some fine wine. You can even pre-order a meal for your special dietary needs or personal preferences with their Book the Cook advance meal selection service. Once you’re ready to get some shuteye, the suite’s signature turndown service gives passengers a standalone bed to sleep on rather than a converted chair.

Etihad Airways: The Residence

Etihad Airways: The Residence
The only three room suite you will find at a cruising altitude of 43,000 feet, the Residence —exclusive on the Airbus A380— offers a living room, bedroom, and ensuite bathroom. The living room features a Poltrona Frau leather double-seat sofa with ottoman, two dining tables, chilled drinks cabinet, and 32-inch flat screen TV. The bedroom has a double bed with Egyptian cotton sheets, and choice of pillows. In the ensuite bathroom you will find a variety of toiletries, bathrobes, and a shower to refresh after a long trip. With its VIP concierge service, the Residence gives their passengers a chauffeur to the private check-in and lounge, as well as a butler and inflight chef during their trip.