Flair and Function with Cory Connor

When it comes to a family home, practicality and functionality typically override luxury aesthetic. But throughout this 4,500-square-foot home in Chatham, New Jersey, interior designer Cory Connor, founder of Cory Connor Designs, found a way to create an elegant space full of detail, without compromising comfort. Mixing both masculine and earthy designs with functional pieces make the home not only beautiful, but also a place fit for a growing family.


Cory Connor Designs

Connor’s aesthetic usually involves clean, streamlined looks; depending on the client, design could be anything from a bit modern to a little industrial, while utilizing neutral hues as a base and adding pops of color throughout the rooms. The owners of this Chatham home prefered a more masculine design, with heavier and darker tones, as well as an inclusion of earthy and natural elements. This is evident throughout the home, beginning in the dining room, where walls are a bold blue, while the rest of the room is toned down with tan window treatments and newly upholstered chairs in a bright white fabric. The two head chairs around the table are dressed in a calf hair fabric, with a matching rug lining the floor under the rich wood table.


Cory Connor Designs

Connor explained that the homeowner is a musician, and desired a room with their piano as the focal point. Two navy velvet chairs accompanied by navy and brown pillows face the piano centerpiece, while a dark wood boarder and a lighter patterned wallpaper break up the space. To help further brighten the room, Connor added a gold-accented overhead light fixture with an edgy design. Tying the dark and light elements of the room is the statement rug on the floor, utilizing almost every color around the space.

In the family room, the dark wood fireplace is illuminated by the bright, fresh hues of the couch and chairs, and in the colorful accents brought about by patterned pillows, lamps, and decorative touches. Stylish yet functional furniture was a key feature in creating the home’s unique look, Connor explained. “We used a lot of texture on the furniture, which we wanted to be both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and practical for day-to-day living. With that said, most of the furniture and fabrics were either indoor/outdoor fabrics, or treated by a company called Fiberseal.”


Cory Connor Designs

For the nursery, a neutral wall color gives way to pops of navy in both the patterned rug and the decorations accented throughout. “It was the homeowners first baby, and she knew she was having a boy, but she wanted something that could grow with the child, and could be neutral friendly if she had another baby. She definitely wanted something a little more mature rather than babyish. They’d have the ability to change the crib out for a bed, and it still stays true to the overall feel of the house,” explained Connor.


Cory Connor Designs

In the master bedroom, navy is used in a bold way with the rug, the window treatments and the nightstand lamps, in addition to small touches such as the pillows on the bed and chairs. The gold caged light fixture adds a modern touch that compliments the gold accents around the room. “It’s masculine without being too heavy,” Connor explained. “Though much of the stuff in the home was new, some of the pieces belonged to them already and I had to work around them. The picture in their bedroom, the horse, was something they already had, so that was one of the inspirations I was working off of.”

A family home isn’t necessarily messy or cluttered, and with functional furniture and earthy, simple designs, this Chatham residence brings together a practical but luxurious family-friendly space. Though the mix of masculine touches and natural tones and textures are present throughout, the interior boasts a lot of striking details while still managing to feel like home.

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