Flip Auto — A New Way to Drive

—Flip Auto launches the first premier auto subscription service in the Northeast.

By Melissa Sorge

Car envy. We have all had it—that feeling when you love your rugged, oversized, fits everything-but-the-kitchen-sink SUV until a sleek sports car with the top down pulls up next to you and you cannot help but question whether or not you purchased the right vehicle. Oh well, it will be another few years until it is time for a new one, right? Not necessarily. Enter Flip Auto, a first-of-its-kind luxury automobile service for the sophisticated tri-state area car connoisseur. With just a few clicks of a button, this innovative subscription-based service will allow customers to “flip” their current vehicle and ride off in a new one on a whim. Impress clients, create unforgettable date nights, or plan the next family trip with Flip Auto at the ready with a vast selection of luxury automobiles fit for any occasion.

flip autoTrue to their motto, “The best way to buy a car is to not buy a car,” Flip Auto takes the hassle out of car buying and leasing by doing all of the legwork for drivers, and most importantly, freeing them from monotony. With a subscription to Flip Auto, customers do not have to commit to one specific vehicle, visit dealerships, negotiate contracts, keep up with routine maintenance, or even hold individual car insurance. Patrons simply sign-on to the Flip Auto website or convenient smartphone app and peruse hundreds of luxury vehicles. Once a choice is made, Flip Auto will handle the rest, including delivery of the vehicle, maintenance, and even insurance. A one-time monthly fee guarantees all these conveniences, leaving the customer with nothing left to do but hit the open road. 

How exactly does this exciting new subscription service work? First, it is important to note that there are three different tiers, or levels, of membership. The level of membership determines the selection of vehicles from which a customer may choose, including sedans, sports cars, and SUVs from makers such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi among others. The membership level also dictates the number of flips (trade-ins) a customer may make per month. The most basic membership level, Groundbreaker, allows drivers up to three flips per month, while the highest membership level, Enthusiast, allows up to eight. Customers looking for something in the middle can opt for the Pacesetter membership level. 

Regardless of membership status, there are several, unparalleled luxuries all Flip Auto subscribers can expect. Flip Auto’s white-glove concierge service will deliver and retrieve all customer vehicles, thereby eliminating wasted time driving to and from dealerships and completing paperwork and negotiations. Further, the concierge service will also move all items from one vehicle into the next as well as provide a tutorial on how to drive the new arrival. Additionally, Flip Auto subscriptions include all maintenance, vehicle rights, and auto insurance (so say goodbye to spending precious Saturdays waiting for tune-ups and oil changes). Finally, customers are guaranteed current year or prior year vehicles, ensuring a luxurious driving experience in the most current high-end vehicles of the moment. 

Benzel-Busch is the company behind Flip Auto. The company’s president, Joseph Agresta Jr., created the concept to give driver’s variability and excitement in choosing an automobile. Agresta states, “Flip Auto is easily the most exciting innovation I’ve seen in in the automotive service industry…The ability for the distinguished driver to flip their car at a moment’s notice to match their needs and desires will completely transform the automotive experience.”

Whether you are in the mood to throw your bike on the back of an SUV and head to the Catskills, hop in a luxury sports car and drive into the city, or cart your family around safely and stylishly in a luxury sedan, Flip Auto has you covered. With a plethora of makes and models of luxury vehicles, your only problem will be deciding which one to choose. Lucky for you, you do not even have to make a choice, as Flip Auto’s mobile app has the ability to ascertain customer preferences and recommend just the right vehicle for any occasion. For more information, visit flipauto.com.


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