FLOWERBX: Luxury Floristry Unmatched

FLOWERBX Co-Founder and CEO Whitney Bromberg Hawkings is dominating the floral industry with her luxury flower delivery service. Her brand delivers unique and quality floral arrangements to the United States and Europe. The service sources its flowers directly from growers, making it a quality and sustainable choice in floral delivery. Hawkings started her career working as an assistant to Tom Ford, and after two decades in fashion, she shifted her talents and expertise to flowers. Fortunately, this decision kept her in the same working sphere as her former colleagues, keeping her professional relationships familiar and easing the transition. Hawkings’ brand is now flourishing and becoming widely recognized as the chic go-to brand to supply flowers and arrangements. With her ambition and commitment to quality and consistency, Hawkings aims to dominate the floral industry with FLOWERBX.


How did you make the transition from the fashion industry to building and leading a floral arrangement empire?

While leaving Tom Ford and my two-decade-long career in fashion was one of the most difficult and terrifying decisions of my life, I was so delighted and relieved to find that the transition from fashion to flowers was actually seamless. I am so happy to be working with the same people, the same press, the same restaurant and hotel groups and the same luxury brands, only with a different medium. Our language is new, but the relationships are the same and we are all speaking the language of beauty.  

 What distinguishes FLOWERBX from other similar services? 

While there are a lot of flower delivery services, I haven’t yet come across one that is as obsessed with quality, consistency, and overall excellence as FLOWERBX in everything that we do. Our unique business model (where we keep no stock and source all of our flowers directly from the growers) means that we can offer unparalleled freshness, value, and quality. It also means that we have no waste, making us the most sustainable choice. I can confidently say that we are the only online flower delivery that operates in the premium luxury space.

 Do you have any go-to flowers for each season?

One of the greatest things about working with flowers is their inherent seasonality. In the spring, I can’t get enough of peonies, but as I start to tire of peonies (if that’s even possible), dahlia are back with a bang, leading us to late summer when we see the re-emergence of hydrangea in bright beautiful hues. So, I don’t have a favorite flower, but I definitely have a floral star each season.  

 You’ve brought such elegance to flower arrangement delivery. What inspires this style?    

I think we have been able to tell new stories with flowers, as we aren’t traditional florists. My husband and I cut our teeth with Tom Ford when we were all at Gucci 25 years ago, and then we left with him to form TOM FORD a decade later. Our background has very much been in the fashion and design industry. We have applied our learnings from the fashion industry and brand design to flowers, which means that our approach is new and has (fortunately) resonated deeply with those in the art, design, and fashion worlds.

Do you have any flowers you favor for weddings?

Again, it completely depends on the season. Simplicity always reigns with me and my floral tastes, and this is definitely true for weddings. My favorite way to make a statement with a bridal bouquet or a centerpiece is to group a bunch of one type of seasonal flower together, as I definitely believe that less is more with flowers. I always think it’s best to keep the flower arrangements simple but create drama with an abundance of these simple arrangements. Repetition works wonders at creating a chic table. If one keeps things seasonal and tonal, with these rules in mind, it is hard to go wrong.  

 Can you detail the role flowers might play in setting a specific mood and how they might evoke certain styles?

Flowers are for an environment, what accessories are for an outfit. The same way shoes and sunglasses can transform a little black dress from vixen to prim to retro to classic, flowers can completely transform a room. They are such a powerful tool to convey romanticism, modernity, abundance, or minimalism. The flowers and vase that one chooses can send a very powerful message and never more so than now when our interiors are deeply reflective of our mood. 

 Do you have any tips for those in the process of selecting flowers for their wedding?

Yes! First of all, I would think hard if there is a flower that you would like to include, as the date of the wedding will need to be chosen around its seasonality. Like eating food that’s out of season, flowers that are out of season are dull and unimpressive. Once you have chosen the flower(s) and the date, think about what story you would like your flowers to tell. Keep this in mind when thinking about the entire tablescape, from the tablecloth to the silverware and crockery. Choose vases wisely to further echo the mood you are trying to convey, while the simplicity of these elements lets the flowers be the stars.

 You have grown an extraordinary business which must keep you very busy. What would you say is the key to work-life balance? 

I think the key to growing an extraordinary business and raising a family is to have extraordinary teams both at work and at home. I am so lucky to work with exceptionally bright and talented people at FLOWERBX, and it is crucial to empower them and let them shine. My team at home consists of my amazing husband, who is my partner in all that I do, a wonderful nanny, and very understanding children who are excited and involved in FLOWERBX’s growth and successes.  

 What’s the next step for FLOWERBX?  

Global floral domination. I would love to continue our mission to create the first global flower brand that delivers beauty, quality, and consistency all over the world in a sustainable and thoughtful way.