Flying with FlyNYON: The Ultimate Photo-Flying Experience

Aerial photography is a rapidly growing trend across social media platforms-and FlyNYON is there to capture every moment of it. You only have to scroll down your Instagram feed to find dozens of breathtaking aerial pictures taken by some of your favorite photographers, featuring some of the country’s biggest cities as seen from thousands of feet above the ground.

It’s easy to see why this type of photography is so popular: it makes for visually striking images that are not only perfectly Instagramable, but that also speaks to a unique experience: that of seeing the Earth from above. And the growth in the number of helicopter companies that offer photo-flight rides, such as FlyNYON, has only made this trend all the more accessible to professionals and amateurs alike. 

You can find companies that provide these kinds of services in big cities all throughout the country, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, to Miami, and even in places like Hawai’i and the Grand Canyon. But if your goal is to photograph New York City, and capture that perfect shot of the Brooklyn Bridge or the Statue of Liberty, then FlyNYON is the company for you. 

FlyNYON shot of New York City’s skyline

FlyNYON is one of the fastest growing aviation brands in the industry. Since it was founded in 2012 by a third generation military veteran and professional aviator, CEO Patrick Day, it has provided over 450,000 people with open door helicopter photography flights. It safely flew 50,000 passengers atop New York City’s skyscrapers in 2019 alone, allowing them the opportunity to experience the dynamism and urban beauty of the Big Apple from above and on their camera roll.

There are many things about FlyNYON that set it apart from its competitors. For one, under Day’s leadership, FlyNYON has managed to optimize and scale up its operations in a way few competing companies have been able to do. By combining Day’s industry experience with social media power, technology, customer care, and consumer marketing.

For example, unlike many other sightseeing companies, FlyNYON does not employ “middlemen” in their business transactions, preferring instead to reach out to and work with the consumer directly to maximize efficiency and tailor their services to each individual. It also uses an in-house developed software to streamline the booking process and maximize passenger capacities on every single flight. In turn, it has allowed FlyNYON to keep up with increasing demand and stay on top of the most recent technological and business trends. 

An open door helicopter ride experience

Second, FlyNYON is dedicated to providing its passengers with the best experience possible – all while guaranteeing each client’s safety. Flying inside a helicopter can be a daunting experience, particularly for first-timers, which is why FlyNYON’s staff strive to get to know each passenger personally and tailor each experience to their needs.

 From the moment you step into FlyNYON’s 10,000 square foot, state of the art terminal in Kearny, NJ, you are ushered into the world of helicopter flights by the company’s dedicated staff. They will tell you everything you need to know in order to assuage whatever anxieties you may face. 

You receive tips from their concierge on how to take the best aerial photography content. You will also watch a preflight safety video, get properly fitted for their FAA-approved harness, and receive training on how to operate FlyNYON’s quick-release tether system – all before you leave the ground. 

Flying with FlyNYON

FlyNYON also offers different flight packages, depending on each client’s personal goals and tastes. For example, passengers can choose to go on a doors on flight, wherein they will be able to enjoy New York City’s iconic landscape while sitting comfortably in their seats with the doors closed. 

Those seeking an added dose of thrill to their experience, or who simply wish to have a fully unobstructed view of the city below, can opt to go on a doors off flight, wherein they will be tethered to the cabin using FlyNYON’s 8 Point Safety Harness System (SHS). 

FlyNYON’s flights are highly customizable: whether you want to fly at the normal altitude of 2000 feet or go up higher, take in the beautiful view or zero in on a specific landmark, FlyNYON’s expert staff will strive to accommodate. 

These are the kind of pictures you can take on a helicopter phot-flight

But regardless of the package that you choose, rest assured that you will be in good hands: FlyNYON is managed by a team of aviation experts with a combined 101 years of flight experience in the helicopter industry. To them, safety is paramount

Not only is FlyNYON’s fleet of Bell 206 L3 and L4 turbine helicopters rigorously maintained by the company’s dedicated and highly experienced team of experts, but their pilots are all highly trained and with thousands of logged flight hours under their belt. They are also experts at flying their aircraft in such a way as to ensure that you are in the best position to take the most stunning photographs and fully enjoy the ultimate helicopter flying experience. 

So grab your best camera (or rent one from FlyNYON’s camera rental services) and hop onto the photo experience of a lifetime. The time is now!