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Karla Trincanello, founder of the full service design firm, Interior Decisions, is an artist when it comes to creating space where there is not much space to begin with. Her superb eye for design and deep understanding of architecture made her the perfect designer for a couple living in a Manhattan apartment, looking to expand their living space. So impressed by the way Karla was able to revamp their New York City apartment, this couple knew that she would be the ideal designer to renovate and design their new townhouse in Morristown, New Jersey. 

Townhouses can sometimes be repetitive, no matter how high-end they may be. With all of the homes essentially having the same layout and exterior, it can be difficult to be set apart from the duplicity of the other homes. When beginning the project, this townhouse was one long, open space which allowed you to see the kitchen, dining room and living room. Karla’s clients wanted each of the rooms to be individual and give-off a “traditional meets contemporary” aura. 

Photo Credits: Wing Wong

At the entrance of the home, Karla wanted to create the idea of a foyer to divide the long entry hall, so she inserted two arches to create a vestibule. “The arches are meant to stop you in the entry hall so you aren’t seeing the rest of the house until you walk through,” Karla explained. To add to the contemporary feel of the foyer, a zebra Stark Carpet was used, along with metallic-inspired paint on the doors, metallic wall coverings and a chic, modern light fixture. The powder room off of this foyer is a glistening surprise with crystal beaded, charcoal grasscloth wall coverings that compliment the gold accents the room holds. The metallic trim and ceilings intrigue guests with the reflections they create, giving off the feel of entering into what Karla describes as a “Jewel Box”.

Photo Credits: Wing Wong

Moving through the vestibule into the next space, there is an alluring Scalamandré zebra print wallpaper, completed with a zebra runner on the steps, achieving the eclectic vibe Karla’s clients admire. Though the living room and dining room are one space, two large columns and a portière (drapery) were inserted to separate the two. The dining room features a mix of modern and traditional elements with a dazzling chandelier which includes clear crystals and dangling black crystals. “I wanted to create a vignette out of the dining room,” explained Karla. A leopard carpet adds some spunk underneath the elegant dining room table, fit with two elegant chair styles, creating a classically modern scene. 

Photo Credits: Wing Wong

The living room fits the traditional mold with sheer silk window treatments, classic panel wall molding and two golden candle sconces. The ottoman doubles as a hidden storage areas to keep the space open and organized. The painting is custom framed and serves as a focal point of the space, incorporating colors that compliment the room. The space is completed with a stain-resistant, performance fabric sofa and automated window shades. 

The kitchen incorporates the glitz that the clients wanted and brought the uniqueness that set their home apart from others. Dark cabinetry serves as a base for the elements of gold that flood this kitchen. The wall coverings, stove hood, cabinet hardware and backsplash are all sparkling with gold, as well as the radiant sputnik light fixtures, dangling over the granite countertop. The stove hood was elongated to draw the eye up and serve as a focal point of the room. Tiger patterned stools were used, as well as black leather stools which tuck away under the counter to preserve space. 

Photo Credits: Wing Wong

The bedroom features two moldings with a buttercream tone in between them and a canopy above the bed to expand the look of the ceilings. A remarkable chandelier was added to complete the classic feel of the room. The sheer curtains used in this room disguise the townhouses below, giving the feel that you are in a single-standing home. A mirrored french door leads to the master bathroom with hidden hardware known as Ghost Hardware which conceals the hidden rolling system. Karla’s vision and her client’s exotic taste created a beautiful, unique townhouse that I can guarantee is different from all of the rest. 

By Brianna Robertiello



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